Karlie Kloss launches fashion hoodie for charity

Karlie Kloss launches fashion hoodie for charity

Karlie Kloss launches fashion hoodie for charity

American fashion model, Karlie Kloss has partnered with Shantell Martin to design a limited edition hoodie. The 27-year-old American fashion model and entrepreneur established coding camp ‘Kode with Klossy

British fashion designer Shantell Martin teamed up with Karlie to celebrate Computer Science Education Week and help raise money for Kloss’s coding initiative.

Martin who already has a background in technology and coding has teamed with the supermodel to create a fashion hoodie which is imprinted with a white design that features various coding symbols and the words ”Kode More”.

Chatting to on-line celebrity magazine, People, Kloss said: ”Shantell is such an incredible artist – her work is both simple and complex, focused and multifaceted. ”She embodies the passion and creativity our ‘Kode with Klossy’ scholars bring to their work in our classrooms. We collaborated with Shantell on this design to reimagine the outdated coder hoodie and create something that reflects the next generation of leaders in tech.”

39-year old Shantell confirmed the partnership where she told WWD ”I remember the first time Karlie and I were talking years ago, we were talking about codes and all these things. Fast forward a few years, it just seems like a nice fit. I get to bring the art and creativity side into an area that I’m already invested in and that I have an interest in.”

The ex-Victoria’s Secret model first launched her non-profit organisation back in 2015. This was designed to encourage young girls to develop their interest in computer science and software engineering.

Her project also offers a free 2 week camp to young girls aged between 13-18 every summer. Karlie and Martin’s hoodies can now be purchased for £40 online with all proceeds paying fees for the young girls to attend the camp for free.

Martin is no stranger to collaborating with fashion brands and already partnered with Puma in the past for the PUMA x SHANTELL MARTIN projects.

She is confident her quirky design will help recognise how fashion is one way to spread messages and encourage growth.
Shantell added: ”It’s important to share messages of impact, growth and education in as many areas as we can — be it fashion, art, technology or commerce in some ways. That’s where we have the biggest reach and the biggest impact.”

Main image: Karlie Kloss Instagram


Karlie Kloss launches fashion hoodie for charity

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