Wardrobe essentials for teen women

Wardrobe essentials for teen women

Wardrobe essentials for teen women. Lots of women are of the opinion that buying loads of trendy fashion clothing will help them create a beautiful and stylish wardrobe.

This is simply not the case. By spending money on building and adding to your wardrobe can be expensive, especially if you don’t have the money to do it. Those of you who “shop smart” can achieve exactly the same outcome at half the cost.

All of us crave the latest trends but getting items that suit your own style and look is equally as important as buying clothing because its trending.

You need to ensure that the clothes you choose “say you” and are ones which makes you feel comfortable. Although there is no given rules to dictate anyone’s fashion preference, it is worth bearing in mind that there are simple items that are an important part of the wardrobe.

We have put together a list of some of the basic and must items that all girls should have in their wardrobe all season round.

A stylish pair of jeans

Every girl should own a pair of skinny jeans. Ignore those who say jeans are not important because they are. Having a pair of jeans close by is always good as they can be paired with almost anything.

Jeans can be fused with tops hoodies or blouses, its endless. Always ensure your choice of jeans suits your own body type.
Ensure your choice of jeans fit you perfectly and flatter your body type.

They are the perfect fashion necessity because they are a call upon fashion item of clothing to help you stay trendy and fashionable.

Depend on a basic T-Shirt

It is always good to own a tee or t-shirt that is basic in colour. It’s an absolute wardrobe essential. Plain colours are fab as you can style yourself to suit your mood.

Whites and blacks are popular choices but never be scared to experiment with pastels either.One rule of thumb to remember is choose a shirt with a designed neckline.

Lots of gals prefer the V-shaped neckline look but the round neck is a real safe option A basic coloured tee can be easily paired with a dress or jeans. It’s such a simple look but very affective for casual day styling.

A fitted blazer

This is something most girls might not think of but a fitted blazer can take your fashion look up a notch in an instant. The blazer is an all-year rounder but ensure it is always fitted to your size.

It can be worn with jeans and top for that relaxed casual look. Switch up the heat to that smart casual finish and pair it with a jumpsuit, dress or culottes for that smart evening look.

Neutral coloured blazers are the right choice because you can pair them with almost anything in your wardrobe. Choose a design that sit halfway to the hip. It helps complement your curves and constructs a slimming effect.

Flat shoes

A pair of flats are a safe and required piece of footwear for any gals wardrobe. Flats are just right when you need to stray away from runners and can be a lot more comfortable than a pair of heels.

A pair of ballet flats matches beautifully with a pair of jeans. It can create a chic yet elegant fashion finish. They can also be paired with a cute little dress or slacks.

The best choice of colour are nude or black flats. They offer versatility as they can be styled with different colours of your wardrobe.

The overcoat

The overcoat is another great piece of apparel for any young ladies wardrobe. They act as great layering during the winter months. They are great option in proving stylish finished look over any outfit. It’s always go to opt for that overcoat that comes in neutral colours.

This means you pair it with clothes of various colours. The overcoat will help protect that extravagant dress safe from our unpredictable weather.

Adorable bag

It goes without saying but every your fashionista should own at least one adorable clutch bag that can be taken anywhere.
We suggest neutral colours as the best option as it’s the safest.

You want a bag and colour that can be paired easily with lots of your different looks. Choose one with straps and zip closure. This allows you to be hand free as well as having your essentials safely tucked away from harms reach.

All of these items can be inexpensive if you spend time researching where to buy them. Always choose quality over cost as you want items that will last. This supports the fashion sustainable cause which avoids buying throwaway goods!


Wardrobe essentials for teen women

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