Everything you need to know about Modest Fashion

Everything you need to know about Modest Fashion

Everything you need to know about Modest Fashion

With the global market worth billions and growing fast, modest fashion is everywhere. The fashion industry have noticeably embraced big shapes, covered-up silhouettes and innovative layering. But what exactly is modest fashion?

This trend has been growing for the better part of a decade. But there is still some confusion about what is means to be a modest dresser. Keep reading to discover more.

What is Modest Fashion?

There is no set definition, but modest dressing relates to having some awareness when it comes to covering up your body.

The reality is that everyone has their own view of what modest fashion means.

The term can describe covering up on purpose. This could be for religious reasons. Some people may want to attain a certain aesthetic. The trend is not just tied to spirituality.

What Is The Fashion Industry Talking About It Now?

Thanks to social media, diversity has become a mainstay within the fashion industry. It also shines a light on the obvious fact that women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds can be stylish.

The global response when modest fashion is highlighted shows how much this faction wants to be catered to. H&M selected model Mariah Idrissi to feature in their video in 2015. This made her the first hijab-wearing model to feature in the brand’s campaigns. It made her life change overnight.

Brands are just starting to realise the appetite for modest fashion.

Who Can Wear This Trend?

Anyone can dress modestly if they want to. The modest fashion market is predominately growing in Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). But more and more young people are identifying as ‘spiritual’ and not ‘religious’.

People interpret dressing modestly in different ways. Women are redefining what fashion means to them. A lot of women may not be necessarily aware that the clothes they wear are ‘modest fashion’.

What Is The Biggest Misconception About This Trend?

People think that covering up means wearing boring clothes. Not true!

Many people who wear modest fashion love to have fun with their clothing. This involves wearing bright colours, prints and layering up. Some just tend to not show too much skin.

Modest dressing is about choice. It’s about beautifully designed pieces that resonate with the wearer.

In some ways, modest dressing provides more opportunities for people to dress stylishly.

Everything you need to know about Modest Fashion

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