Beauty tips for great glowing winter skin

Beauty tips for great glowing winter skin

Beauty tips for great glowing winter skin. Now that the dark gloomy days of winter are upon us it does not mean you have to say goodbye to your summer glowing skin.

Skin that glows isn’t restricted to the summer months. In fact it can be yours all throughout winter. All you have to know is the right skincare and makeup that suits your kin and look.

Here are some professional ways you can try at home to maintain healthy and glowing skin throughout winter.

Reduce use of antioxidants

See winter as an excuse to rest your beautiful skin from the abuse of harmful UV rays. This will allow for your collagen supply to rebuild. One good step to take is apply a good topical antioxidant.

This can brighten up your complexion while also healing the skin. Did you know that Vitamin C is one of the best and most powerful protectants against photodamage. It enhances elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis.

This allows for the skin to brighten cracks down on pigmentation. The fact of the matter is that it is important to use topical vitamin C and other antioxidants for maintaining a radiant complexion.

Keep up moisturising

As if you didn’t already know this but we are just reminding you the importance of moisturising your skin on a daily basis. To ensure an all-year round skin glow moisturise your skin with a hydrating oil.

By maintaining all layers of your skin, anything you apply to it will look smooth and beautiful. This also applies for women with oily skin.
To maximise your glow through hydration, gently apply oil or balm into the skin you’re your hands. This must be done before applying your makeup.

Winter months seem to be drier on the skin so you are ok to apply a bit more of your hydrating product than you would normally during the summer months.

Exfoliate naturally or using a light chemical

As well as using antioxidants and moisturising, exfoliating is another great way to maintaining a glowing complexion through the cold harsh months of winter.

Physical exfoliation works by shaving off the dry layer of your skin. OK this effective but it may not be enough to be affective. Chemical peels use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which attacks the glue-like substance that keeps your dead cells together.

By using a chemical exfoliants can help to remove the outermost dead layer of the skin as well as boost the hydration levels. It also suppress pigmentation and sunspots. The can result in a more youthful and glowing complexion.

Bronzer is your best buddy

Makeup is one of the best to fake your summer glow. Even though the bronzing season has passed, it doesn’t mean you have park your favourite browning product until next summer.

You just have to be conscious of the fact that “a little dab will do you.” During the winter months. Don’t overdo it. Start by applying your bronzer at the tip of your forehead where your hairline starts.

Rub it both into the hairline and slightly below it so it will fade into your foundation or concealer. By applying bronzer up top at the hairline will help your contour line look cohesive instead of just a brown stripe on your cheek,

Now apply a little bit behind the back of your ears while feeding down the jawline and neck. The is a crucial step to remember and make sure that whatever foundation you have applied to your face that you blend all the way down your neck.

The necks tends to be the lightest part of your body because the head shades it from most sunlight. This is a given during the winter months.

A dewy finish is a great finishing touch

A dewy highlight adds the final touches for the perfect glow. The trick is that when winter comes calling, apply a gel, balm, or cream-based formulation.

Highlighters in a powder form present a beautiful shine but does tend to make the skin look dry. This is at a time you’re your skin is at its driest.


Beauty tips for great glowing winter skin

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