Simple ways to style black jeans during winter

Simple ways to style black jeans during winter

Simple ways to style black jeans during winter. Black jeans are definitely one of the best and versatile fashion items any girl can own. This is because there are so many different ways to wear them.

Knowing what to wear them with is the key to getting the best look from them. We have put together some simple fashion tips for you to look at. This will help you pair your wardrobe around your black jeans.

Colours that work with black jeans

Black jeans usually look best when worn with a choice of few colours and prints. This is important to remember when styling your black jeans. There are colours that enhance and others that have no chance in portraying that stylish silhouette.

Black jeans with nice shades of brown for winter

Lots of think that black jeans should only be paired up with neutral colours from our wardrobe. OK, this can be true but you should never be scared to mix things up a bit.

Winter months are a great time to fuse beautiful shades of brown with your black jeans. This look blends in so well with the season. A light brown coat of jacket paired with brown boots provides for a classic finish. Complete the look with some subtle gold accessories.

Wearing black jeans with creams or off-whites

Similar to the way that light browns can enhance your black jean look, creams and off whites can have the same positive affect.
One thing to bear in mind is to get the overall balance of your look right.

Black jean outfits paired with lighter colours like whites, need to be styled proportionally. This will help balance your overall fashion look.
Black jeans paired with a lighter cream jumper or cardigan should be balanced with a brown boots. It’s fun to complete this look while accessorising with a hat. It provides balance across your over all look.

Wear Black Jeans with Taupe

As we know, black pairs always pair well with tan or neutral browns, Another great option is to fuse your black jeans with mushroom or taupe-tones hues. This look is surprisingly refreshing.

Mushroom or taupe blouses or shirts paired with cream runners offer that beautiful daytime relaxed look. Make sure to layer up though if going outside. A nice biker styled suede jacket says oh so smart yet casual.

Black jeans worn with shades of grey

Grey is so neutral that we love it. The combination of black jeans and greys is an easy option when pairing your wardrobe. From dark to light greys your styling options are endless yet safe.

Jumpers, cardigans or sweaters can be paired easily and effortlessly with your black jeans. Even grey tees (when in doors) look fab. When venturing out, don a light long woollen or tweed coat to complete this chic casual look.

Colours you simply don’t wear with black jeans

As we pointed out earlier, there are lots of wonderful colours you can where with black jeans. However, there are some colours which simply are a big non no.

By this we mean the likes of dark navy blues, bright yellows or loud oranges. They don’t pair well and negate the overall look of your black jeans.


Simple ways to style black jeans during winter

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