Ways to style your grey winter coat

Ways to style your grey winter coat

Ways to style your grey winter coat. If you have or are thinking of treating yourself to a grey coat this winter, think of all the fab ways in how you can style it.

It is not just a matter of choosing that grey piece that will keep you warm. There is a lot more to it than that. You need your coat to pair effortlessly with your current wardrobe line-up. It’s not hard done by all means its just understanding how the colour grey works.

Ensure your grey coat look gives you that edge

There are countless coat outfits you can create by fusing your grey coat with your wardrobe. Grey is a brilliant and easy colour to wear to work. It says smart all day long as well as providing that real professional finish.

Pair your long-line grey coat with black culottes. Complete your look with nude coloured pumps. This will give your assemble that chic office look.

This look can also work a black or grey coat, but the grey tends to break up the flow of your outfit. It prevents it from looking tired. Another great work outfit look is to wear a black pencil skirt with a white shirt with grey coat. Complete your beauty look with red lipstick.

For a real day off look that says casual, pair your light grey coat with your jeans, boots and oversized blanket scarf. If you are planning that hot date and want that chic look, pair your grey coat over your dress for an elegant looking finish.

How to layer your grey coat like a professional

Layering is essential during the winter months but you need to ensure your look doesn’t drowned in fabric. Pair an oversized winter jumper with jeans or legging and blanket your grey coat over the top. Finish this stylish look with knee-high black boots.

If you are of a more petite build, choose a coat that stops at the hip opposed to being super long in length. A short grey coat can be complimenting when worn with a belt. This helps to draw attention to your waist.

Pair it with a skirt or even leather pants. This type of style presents you with an hourglass shape for a beautiful winter coat outfit.
Layer a drooping jumper over your white vest and a pair of black leather pants. Complete this look with a beanie style hat and combat boots before donning your grey coat.

For that smarter and formal layered look, choose a blazer style grey jacket. Pick out a neutral coloured turtleneck jumper, cigarette style trousers. Complete this Parisian look with brogues. So chic.

Cashmere is another fab way to enjoy that super grey look. If you decide to dress up for the evening, layer a slip dress under your long cashmere cardigan. To finish your look with your long grey coat. Super smart yet sexy.

Fuse colour to your grey coat look

To most it is essential when styling your grey winter coat to add some colour to your outfit. This brightens up your overall outfit and makes it look vibrant.

Reds looks superlisous when paired with grey and black. One cool look is to pair a chubby styled red jumper with black skinny jeans. To complete, add your your grey coat and black leather boots for the smart street style finish.

For those of you who like to accessorise, add a bold tote or medium sized handbag to your grey coat look. Pinks and reds are offer that great completed look.

Here’s an idea that has trended on the catwalks this season. Match your electric blue dress with a light coloured grey long coat. Finish with red or black heels. This so chic it will get you noticed.

If monochrome is your thing, pair your mono dress with bright shoes like reds or pinks. This will ensure that you make a real fashion statement this winter.

If the short grey coat look is for you, match your light grey winter coat with a blush coloured vest or jumper. Add a bright silk scarf. This is super feminine.


Ways to style your grey winter coat

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