Ways to style green into your fashion wardrobe this winter

Ways to style green into your fashion wardrobe this winter

Ways to style green into your fashion wardrobe this winter. According to some fashion experts, green is the new black for the season ahead. Along with red, green is one of the colours that is most associated with Christmas and the winter.

For most women, the colour green is a real favourite with all the globe. From emerald to olive green it is simply a wearable colour because of its different variations.

If you are still having doubts about the enjoyment green can bring to your fashion line, you have come to the right place.

We have put together some very simply ways to style and include green in as part of your fashion wardrobe this season. Styling a colour like green is a lot easier than you think.

This is because green is one of those colours that can be worn with so many other colours. Some of the best ways to get the best green affect from your fashion look is to wear it is as a coat or jacket.

When styled this way it allows you more possibilities to style. It frees up the mind to use choose from a big variety of basic combination that you can wear under the green layering

We have drawn up three very simple and effective looks in how you can get the best finish from wearing a green coat or jacket.

The green day casual fashion look

This is a popular choice with celebrities like Gigi Hadid who adorn the green fashion look. Pair your dark green bomber or puffa jacket with black vest and skinny jeans.

Complete this look with adding black knee-high boots. It’s a super relaxed look to help you look stylish as you go about ton.

The Green semi-formal finish

To add a bit of a more formal look to your daytime look, don a dark green jacket and blazer. Velvets are a great choice as it makes it look chic.

Add a white blouse, skinny jean and complete your look with black flat shoes. It’s a sophisticated finish for gals who like to look important.

Green look for work.

For the ladies who like to experiment with different styles and colours for work, then green is for you. Opt for either a polo green fitted military style coat or blazer.

Add plain black straight cut trousers and white shirt. Complete this stylish look with black high heels and brown tote bag and WOW!

These are just some very simple and straight forward ideas on how to incorporate green into your wardrobe this winter season. Green is a beautiful colour that when paired properly can outshine black all day and night long.


Ways to style green into your fashion wardrobe this winter

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