Is it ever ok to wear trainers with a suit?

Is it ever ok to wear trainers with a suit?

Is it ever ok to wear trainers with a suit? There are so many rules in fashion that can leave you screaming or scratching your head.

How do you find the right pocket square to compliment your tie? Is there a right way to style double denim? And is it ever acceptable to wear trainers with a suit?

The short answer to the last question is…yes. But it can be very easy to get wrong. If your suit is ill-fitting and trainers too flashy, you’ve crossed the line from style hero to a guy who walks to work during a transit strike.

Celebs like David Tennant and Justin Timberlake will have you believe that all there is to it is throwing on a pair of shoes and heading out the door. But they are wrong.

Here’s a few rules to be observed before you even think about putting trainers with a suit.

The Suit

We’ll start with the biggest problem: the suit. It’s extremely important that you wear a suit that fits you properly, no matter what shoes you wear with it. No matter how great your feet look, wearing a suit that resembles a tent will never do you justice.

It’s also important to remember to keep things as clean and simple as possible. If this is your first time pairing a suit and trainers together, keep away from crazy patterns. Especially anything pinstriped due to their formal and businesslike connotations.

The same also goes for a suit in an unusual colour. The reason behind this is because a bold suit should be the focal point of your entire outfit rather than competing with your trainers.

Try to stick with traditional colours such as black, navy, grey or khaki and you’ll be onto a winner.

The Shoes

Once you have your suit sorted, you can consider your trainers. The same rules apply here. Keeping things simple in the shoe department will make transitioning from smart to casual much easier.

Leave your brightly coloured Puma’s or anything that has the words ‘mesh’ or ‘extra spring’ at home.

Stick with the classic such as Adidas Stan Smith’s, Converse or Vans and keep them in traditional colours like black or white.

That being said, don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your look. Swap your Stan Smith’s for a red pair to add a pop of colour. Buy a pair of Converse in a complimenting colour to your suit like red or blue.

Just remember that these should be slight touches to your overall look and not the focal point.

Is it ever ok to wear trainers with a suit?

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