A guide to styling Men’s brown shoes

A guide to styling Men’s brown shoes

A guide to styling Men’s brown shoes. Most men own a pair and when it comes to brown shoes, they blend beautifully with almost any piece of a guy’s fashion line-up.

In fact you can’t really go wrong when pairing your brown shoes with your wardrobe line-up. From the casual jeans look to bright and colourful suits, brown shoes seem to fuse with them all.

There are a few stylists who hold to argument against brown versus black shoes. In reality, most of those comparisons are totally based on personal reference and opinions.

However, there are some simple rules that apply when it comes to your choice of shoe colour. If you remember these then you will never have an issue when wearing your brown shoes.

Keep Black shoes for formal wear

Unlike brown shoes, black ones are not as universal as brown. Black shoes are the king when it comes to more formal occasions like business and funerals.

Nothing compares to the sharp and sophisticated look of black shoes for important occasions. Brown shoes present that more relaxed and casual look However, this is not to say that they can’t be worn professionally.

Just remember to consider the event. If you intend to wear a black tuxedo for a formal event, then black shoes are the obvious choice.

This is unless your tux is brown. Pairing with brown shoes then makes totally more sense.

Times when not to mix Brown with Black

For a true stylish finish avoid wearing your brown shoes with a black suit. Another tip is always make sure whatever choice belt you wear pairs with your shoes.

Black shoes pair with a black belt and brown shoes pair with a black belt. Just be aware that the colour of two do not have to be a an exact match.

Contrast provides the most stylish finish

As a general men’s fashion of rule, the more that your shoes collate with your clothing the better. Bear in mind that when it comes to style, your shoes are a lot more than a functional footwear tool. The fact of the matter is your shoes accentuate your clothing.

If you are having trouble deciding between two shades of brown shoes, match them side by side against your clothing.
This will help you determine which has a better contrast. You should know straight away which ones go best with your choice of outfit.


A guide to styling Men’s brown shoes

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