Tips on choosing comfortable ladies knickers

Tips on choosing comfortable ladies knickers

Tips on choosing comfortable ladies knickers. Upon until recent years, knickers wasn’t the most exciting type of clothing to shop for. However, this has changed dramatically in the past 10 years or so with the introduction of different designs and shapes.

Women expect their knickers to be both comfy as well as well as flattering. They can’t afford for them to pinch the skin or sag and roll. Well fitted knickers should always work with your body shape.

Finding those comfortable knickers for your body isn’t difficult, once you know what to look for.

Knowing your body type is key because different styles are more comfortable than others. Again, this is down to your own body shape. We have put together some very simple tips to remember when buying your next pair of knickers.

These are simple and straight forward things to remember.

Always choose the right fit

Getting knickers that suit you isn’t as simple as knowing guessing your size. To ensure comfort, you should every year get yourself measured. You can do this at home with a measuring tape.

Start by measuring your waist and hips. This way you will be able to find the proper size of knickers from various brands.

Use a tape measure to measure your natural waist and the fullest part of your hips so you can choose the most comfortable size for your body.

  • You can get your natural waist size by simply bending sideways. This will form a crease at your waist to help you identify it.
  • Always ensure the keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground when you are measuring your hips.
Check the elastic

No women wants the hassle of adjusting their knickers throughout the day to retrieve them when they slip. It’s important to select knickers that have firm elastic at the waistband. This will ensure they stay in place.

Though knickers with firm elastic at the waist is always good, try and avoid designs with elasticised leg holes. These sometime have a tendency to bunch up, which can be uncomfortable.

Never wear knickers that are too tight.

Always avoid wearing knickers that are tight on the skin. This can lead to non-complimentary bulges and bumps underneath your clothes.

This can also cause the chafing and skin irritation. Knickers that are too tight leaves marks and that just doesn’t feel or look good. Another downside to this is tight knickers prohibit the skin from breathing.

This can cause health issues and leave you sweating in areas you don’t want to.

Avoid bunching and saggy look

You want your knicker look to be seamless. When buying knickers always check for bunching or sagging. You want your knickers to fuse to your body in a comfortable way.

Any pair of knickers that bunches, rolls, or sags under your clothes is going to be uncomfortable. This is lead to you fighting with them to either stop them from nipping your skin or falling down.

It can also ruin the overall look of your outfit. Knickers that bunch, roll, or sag can also be a sign that it’s time for a new pair. This is due to the fabric losing its stretch making them look too big for you.

Choosing the right fabric is key

As the old saying goes “cotton is king.” When choosing knickers for everyday use, choose cotton. It is breathable and allows to release moisture. This will avoid sweating and won’t have to worry too much about bacterial and yeast infections.

Opt for synthetic fabric for a slimmer fit. We have established that cotton underwear offers breathability and is more comfortable.

However, it does not always look seamless under clothing. For a slimmer, fit, choose knickers that are made from a stretchy, synthetic material, like nylon, Lycra, or spandex. Always ensure that the crotch is lined with cotton.

  • Look for knickers that are labelled as “seamless” or no-lines. These don’t have any elastic in the hips or leg openings. This makes them perfect when wearing with fitted clothing.
  • Cotton lining to the crotch area is a must. It is breathable. If the crotch lining is synthetic it will trap moisture which can lead to infections.
Silk is for special occasions.

Silk knickers are luxurious and feel fab on the body. However, they don’t breathe as well as cotton. That can increase the chances of moisture being captured in your Knickers.

Try and save your silky draws for more special occasions for the best possible and comfortable feel.

Lace is ace

Lace knickers are also fabulous. Most white lace tend to come with a cotton lining. However, lace can sometime be uncomfortable given the nature of the composition of its material. Choose a well-constructed pair that fit perfectly and are not too tight!


Tips on choosing comfortable ladies knickers

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