Top trending men’s hoodies for 2019

Top trending men’s hoodies for 2019

Top trending men’s hoodies for 2019. Most modern men of today own a hoodie. They are a “go to” item for guys seeking warmth, comfort and style from their daytime casual wear.

As a throw on fashion garment, the hoodie is perfect for men on the go. They are a perfect fashion staple for outdoor or for men who require simple layering as part of their daily fashion line-up.

From its origins back in the 1920’s the hoodie today is popular with men of all ages. It’s versatility and great design means it can be worn with leggings, shorts or jeans.

They are also a favourite with most male celebrities of today. Eminem, Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher are just some celebs who are often spotted wearing their favourite hoods.

The hoodie also has so many different looks and styles. The most common hoodie of them all is the loose-fitting design with kangaroo pockets to the front.

We have selected three of the best hoodies for 2019 for you to mull over. All are on current trend and are popular with men of all ages. The hoodie is not a complex fashion garment but there are a few things to consider before you buy.

Size it to your body

Your hoodie should always sit on your body in a relaxed manner. All hoodies are designed for casual and sportswear. Ensure it’s not too tight and that it allows for freedom of movement to the body.

This is especially important for athletes. You don’t want it to be too baggy either. This may present a look that you have borrowed it you’re your older brother. Make sure you get the right fit that makes you feel comfortable.

Material make up

When choosing a hoodie, you need to decide its purpose. They are designed in so many different materials.

If you are a guy who likes to train outdoors, then you may need something with a fleece lining to keep you warm. Always check the material of your hoodie to ensure it suits your needs.

Colours and prints

When purchasing your hoodie, consider its finished look on you. Decide if you want striking bold prints draped across the front or do you require something more subtle.

All the major sports manufacturers love to have their logos plastered across the front to remind you and others of their brand.

If you are guy who likes the low-key fashion look, choose a more sophisticated approach. Neutral colours tend to go best with jeans for that relaxed daytime look.

Here are three of the best men’s hoodies for 2019. All have a different look and feel about them. Each one is comfortable and there to be enjoyed by both sportsmen and guys who like to stay on trend with the fashion trends of this season.

Top trending men’s hoodies for 2019

Organic Cotton Logo Hoodie from Tommy Hilfiger
Tonal C Logo Contrast Trim Hoodie from Champion
Porsche Design Spacer Hooded Men’s Midlayer from Puma
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