Irish Fashion Talent On Display At The Met Gala

Irish Fashion Talent On Display At The Met Gala

Irish Fashion Talent On Display At The Met Gala


Ireland has its own flair of fashion which depicts its culture and history with the touch of modernity. Producing some of the finest Irish fashion designers,

it has contributed to a great extent to this industry. Rebecca Devaney, a Dubliner is an haute couture embroider who works under the famous banners like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Valentino and Fendi, to name some.

Her embroidery skills have taken her to design gowns for grand events like Met Gala. Some of the famous names that she has embroidered dresses for are Catherine Deneuve and Kate Moss.

Having brought up in the company of book lovers, she calls her childhood as “kept in a box on the shelf” that was surrounded by books. On one hand her grandmother Josie founded the famous Dundrum Bookshop and on the other hand her father works for Penguin Books. Her love for literature comes naturally, which can be clearly seen in her artistic practices.

Rebecca did her MFA in Textile Art & Artefact. She is a receiver of Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust award, which she got for researching every aspect of hand embroidery. Her work took her to contribute in a book on Rebe.

This book is all set to hog limelight in the forthcoming exhibition in Paris. This Palais Galliera exhibition will be held in 2021. is a fashion news portal that brings to you the latest news of fashion world from all over Ireland. Whether it is about Christmas trends, Met Gala balls, street style or anything else, Irish fashion news that you can find at is brought to you after thorough research. So, if you are someone who loves to read about fashion news and follow fashion blogs, visit our website today.


Irish Fashion Talent On Display At The Met Gala

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