Vogue chief Anna Wintour backs sustainable fashion

Vogue chief Anna Wintour backs sustainable fashion

Vogue chief Anna Wintour backs sustainable fashion. Editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour wants to see more sustainability in the world of fashion and reduction in our throwaway clothing culture.

70 year Anna is seen as one of the most influential people in fashion industry. Anna also believes the fashion industry has left it late in pursuing diversity and inclusivity in the market.

Despite an increase of social media influencers the way people choose their fashion today, Wintour is confident that Vogue will still set the bar in influencing fashion followers.

Anna Wintour became head f Vogue back in 2013

Anna Wintour has been the head of Vogue in America for over 30 years and wants us now to look after our clothing and pass them on to the next generation.

The past 10 years has seen lots of the major fashion design houses and brands embracing and engaging in fashion sustainability.

The British-born fashion guru also believes more attention should be given to creating more quality sustainable garments opposed to throw away items.

Wintour believes that people should value and take care of the clothes they own. She also thinks we all have a role to play in wearing them well and passing our preloved fashion items onto family members.

Wintour, who is also artistic director at parent company Condé Nast, made these comments while speaking to Reuters in Athens on the sidelines of the Vogue Greece ‘ChangeMakers’ event last Wednesday.

Anna said “Thanks in part to social media, who and what should be in fashion had radically changed in the past decade, Wintour said. “We are seeing a far more diverse and inclusive representation on the runway, on our social media channels and also in the pages of our different magazines.”

“I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we have so many designers of colour in the United States. Until there is truly a voice at the table things will not change the way that they should. I feel we have long way to go.”

When asked about her thoughts about the growing number of influencers in the world today, she said they had fun and varied views but could never match the reach of ‘Vogue. Globally ‘Vogue’ has 127 million followers – I think that ‘Vogue’ is the biggest influencer of them all on a global scale.”


Vogue chief Anna Wintour backs sustainable fashion

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