How to Pack for a Stylish and Comfortable Hiking Trip

How to Pack for a Stylish and Comfortable Hiking Trip

How to Pack for a Stylish and Comfortable Hiking Trip. You’re going on a hiking trip, you’re trying to do something fun and active, you feel good about yourself!

The days are flying by and you still haven’t packed your bag. You want to be stylish but comfortable because hey – you’re going on a hiking trip! – but outwear or active clothes aren’t always the trendiest, really, are they?

Well, I believe that nowadays you can look amazing when working out and a little confidence on the outside can do wonders for the confidence you’re feeling inside.

I know it’s hard to plan around this type of clothes, but you can do it. And I’m here to help you. When I go on a hiking trip, I always go for simple. If you think this is the opposite to looking good and stylish, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong.

By bringing simple things to wear, you might end up looking your best.

How can you achieve this?
1 – Plain/Neutral Clothes

I really do love a good all-black outfit and especially when working out or being active, I always prefer going for something a little darker or monotone. I know not everyone is like me, but I really love seeing the whole black look.

If you can’t live without colour, add a fun pair of leggings or a bright top to your outfit.

2 – Caps All the Way

They’re important for your health and they look cute. If you’re hiking, you should never ditch the idea of wearing a cap. I mean, it’s a pretty basic rule and you don’t want to get sunburnt,

I’m sure! But in addition to protecting, they’re a great way to look stylish and ready for a long walk. You can have fun with this one, but my favourite colours are black… (surprise, surprise!) and burgundy! I think either goes great with most looks. Give it a go and see how you feel!

3 – Pony…Tail!

I wish I’d be riding a pony…but we’re hiking, so you need to get that hair off your face. To go along great with your cap, do a high ponytail. It looks really good and very trendy and you’ll be happy to not have hair touching your neck or back whilst exercising.

4 – Sunnies Are the Way to Go!

I kid you not, any outfit looks 1000 times better with a good pair of sunglasses on. This is definitely fashion 101. Again, they’re amazing because they offer protection from the sun and they’ll also complete your outfit to a T.

Sunglasses fit people differently, so I’m gonna let you choose your model, but I really do love larger sunglasses. They can’t take over your whole face, but are just large enough to cover your eyebrows.

If you feel like really being stylish, try one of those new pairs that are tiny and have different shapes like a wide triangle or a hexagon, they look cool too!

5 – Footwear Because You’re Hiking

This would not be right without me talking about footwear. You’re hiking, you wanna look cute but you need to also wear the right footwear. It is probably the most important thing you’ll have to choose.

In my opinion, black is the way to go but if your entire outfit is black, try something fun and go for colour on your trainers. It’ll give it a nice pop that will look great on photos.

6 – A Backpack

You cannot go hiking without a backpack, so I’d use this chance to make it a great colour. A bright yellow or red are great in my opinion. Besides, you can keep some extra layers of clothing inside your backpack if you’re cold. And water. You’ll need water too.

Remember to have fun! You’re outside, in nature and being active. You’ll look good and take stunning photos for Instagram! See you at the summit.


How to Pack for a Stylish and Comfortable Hiking Trip

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