What qualifies as organic beauty products

What qualifies as organic beauty products

What qualifies as organic beauty products. With more of us now becoming conscious of our lifestyle choices, we are being careful about the type of products we are including as part of our beauty regime.

Research has shown that some people in various countries are now using up to 18 different cosmetic products every single day as part of their beauty care.

Organic beauty products are important to us all

Most of us know the benefits of natural beauty product. However, do we actually know what qualifies them to be called organic?

It is true that organic alternatives make it easier for us to choose organic formulations that are effective without any type awful compromises.

The term “Organic Beauty” is the formulation of cosmetic products that use organically farmed ingredients.

Genetically Modified Organisms include herbicides, synthetic fertilisers.

Certified organic beauty products are the real benchmark that certify if your beauty products are the real deal or not.

What qualifies as a certified organic beauty product?
  • They do not test their products on animals
  • Genetically Modified Organisms are not used in their production.
  • They exclude the inclusion of any harmful chemicals as part of their process
  • No parabens and phthalates are used in the making of the product.
  • They omit any synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances in their products
  • The product excludes any nano particles
What type of things make a good quality organic beauty include?
  • They should include a high level of antioxidants
  • Cosmetic company producers must be 100% transparent about their manufacturing processes
  • They are manufactured in factories where fair-pay and fair play is key in the production of products.
  • Products should include biodegradable ingredients
  • The product itself should use minimal packaging that has maximum recycled content
  • The manufacturing of the product must always protect wildlife habitats and biodiversity.
Things to remember 

The majority of cosmetic companies in the world today are becoming more conscious about the way they produce their products.

Always check any beauty product (read the label) the next time you are purchasing cosmetic or beauty merchandise. Your choice matters and helps influences beauty manufactures to become more organically minded.


What qualifies as organic beauty products

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