Ways to style and wear your silk square scarf

Ways to style and wear your silk square scarf

Ways to style and wear your silk square scarf. A classic looking silk scarf is wise investment piece for any girls wardrobe,
That’s because it will never go out of style. Adding a silk scarf to most outfit (not sports) is a cool way to effortlessly enhance your finished look.

However, as with most accessories, it’s all about how you style it. We have put together some stylish ways to help inspire you with our favourite ways you can wear a silk scarf the right way.

The front pointy look

Here’s a great and easy way to add flash styling to any of your outfits. From casual daytime looks of the tee and jeans, to the smart office look, this will have you covered.

Start by folding a square silk scarf in half to form a triangle. Wrap it around your neckline with the point facing downwards. Knot the loose ends of the scarf together at the back of the neck. Wow that was easy and yes to are good to go!

The draped front knot finish

Ads a touch of femininity to your casual jeans day look by draping your silk scarf effortlessly around the shoulders

Create this look by loosely rolling your scarf on the diagonal. Give it a single wrap around the neck with the ends facing the front. Tie it loosely to one side. Fuse a bright and colourful printed scarf accessorise with a neutral tee and jeans.

The boy scarf tie

We love this look as it is both elegant and chic. This looks fab when wearing your scarf with a blazer or tailored jacket. To start this look, roll your scarf diagonally. Lead it around your neck ensuring that each end of the scarf is of equal length in the front.

Complete by twisting the knot at the base of your neck with the ends sticking out or hang down. This all depends on the length of your scarf.

Bow Tie Scarf Wrap

Move your look up a notch with this charming way to tie your scarf that works with dress me up outfits. It so chic onlookers will love it.

Start by rolling your scarf diagonally and wrap it around your neck. Tie it into a bow at the front. It adds a touch of finesse to your final finish.

The cowgirl Style scarf look

For the super casual country gal look, take your scarf and fold it into into a triangle. Cloak it once around the neck and tie it at the front. This is a look that most girls will love during the summer months. Play around with bright and polka dot patterns. Simply fab!

The front loosey look

For chicness and a truly effortless but elegance look, reel a large square scarf diagonally and hang around your neck without tying it. This allows it to hang down loosely down the front. Its casual to smart finish allows you to experiment with different patterns and colours.


Ways to style and wear your silk square scarf

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