Ways to style men’s brown suede jackets

Ways to style men’s brown suede jackets

Ways to style men’s brown suede jackets.To some men, wearing suede can be considered a luxury but this can’t be further than the truth. Today, suede plays a major role in styling fashionable men and celebrities of all ages.

Thanks to suede’s versatility, there are lots of ways you can incorporate the fabric into your everyday outfits.

However, the brown suede jacket seems to be the easiest and most effective look for the men of today.

The suede jacket is great smart casual

Suede came to the forefront of fashion back in the late 60’s. In recent years the suede jacket look has made a somewhat of a revival.

Stars like Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds are often spotted donning their favourite suede piece. We have put together some styling tips to help you get the best look from your brown suede jacket.

How to wear a brown suede jacket?

A well-designed suede jacket can be paired with a wide range of outfits. They are suitable for both work and more casual occasions.

Always focus on the cut and shape of your jacket and choose one with a closer fit. The more tailored it’s look gives it a smarter finish.

Always bear in mind that that nice clothes and good colour combinations are not always enough to make you stand out. It’s the final touches that make your outfit stand out. A quality tailored looking suede jacket will always give you that chic looking finish.

Brown suede jackets and the casual look

Foe men who like to dress down yet look dressed up a pair of jeans and suede jacket can be perfect. It is a simple yet effective combination to make any guy look cool and casual.

Try making your suede jacket the centre point of your look. Don’t fuse it with other clothing that are going to compete with it. Something as simple as a white tee can effective enough to create a clean, everyday look.

Other items like denim or grandad collared shirts can show off your extra personality. When it comes to the best casual look, simple is best.

Suede jacket and the more formal look

If you are a fan of monochrome, try mixing your fashion look up by wearing a men’s brown suede jacket over your black shirt. It’s an excellent mix of smart casual.

Suede jackets can integrate into your workwear look. Try toning down the rest of your outfit to make your brown suede jacket stand out and be centre of attention.

Always keep the colours underneath your jacket to a minimal. Colours like blacks, dark greys and occasionally navy will do the job. Chinos are always a great smart formal look to pair with a suede jacket. Ensure they looked fitted (not baggy) to balance out your complete outfit look.


Ways to style men’s brown suede jackets

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