Ideas how to style your red handbag

Ideas how to style your red handbag

Ideas how to style your red handbag. Bright coloured handbags are a fundamental part of fashion and a red handbag is always in style. From the depths of winter to the warm spring days, a red bag is always accepted.

Fashionable ladies are no longer prepared to settle for the black or neutral coloured handbags, Instead they are looking to accompany a red bag as part of their fashion look.

The red bag not only enhances every outfit you wear but also adds a touch of versatility to your style look. If you are inquisitive to learn what to wear with a red handbag then read on.

We have put together a few ideas to help you coordinate your red bag with different outfits. We define the different colours that match up red

Pair with black

Black is the safe colour that accommodates every other colour. Whether it’s a black dress or skirt, the red bag fits right in with your outfit. A black dress has a tendency to make you appear a serious and focused woman. Add that red bag and it brightens up your look instantly. For that semi relaxed look, the red bag looks fab when worn alongside a black knit dress, tights, and red coloured boots.

Navy is powerful

Away from black, Navy is a great choice to pair with your red bag. It goes so well when paired with
a navy coloured dress.. This is an easy way you can take your monochromatic dresses to a next level. Red is a “power” colour and when combined with a dark shade becomes more powerful. It becomes eye-catching while reflecting various emotions.

Neutrals are great

When talking about different colours that complement red leather handbags you can’t ignore neutral colours. Beige, ivory, cream and different shades of white can present you with a timeless overall appearance. Whether worn for casual or formal occasions, the red bag will ensure you don’t go unnoticed. Red handbags really complement all the neutral shades.

So why is it necessary to have a red bag in your wardrobe?

It is accepted as a rule that most women love to invest in their handbag collection. The choices in design and brands of red bags is enormous. It can sometimes leave a girl confused to find the right one for their style. The few key things to remember when buying a red handbag are as follows

  • Make sure it matches with at least 30% of your current wardrobe
  • Decide the need of your handbag. Is it for formal or occasion wear.
  • Is it practical. Can you fit your essentials inside it.
  • Make sure your choice of bag matches your body type
  • Check the quality. Treat your bag as an investment. Good bags won’t fall apart after your have used it a few times.

Ideas how to style your red handbag

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