How to style your coatigan

How to style your coatigan

How to style your coatigan. As the weather becomes more unpredictable it’s time to look for that piece of fashion that fuses style with comfort.

The coatigan is a mixture of a cardigan and coat combined. It is a stylish piece of fashion that is an all year rounder. Great for cool summer evening and fab as the cold days of winter kick in.

It is lighter than a traditional winter coat yet warmer than a cardigan. The coatigan is one of those fashion pieces you won’ think is essential until you actually have one.

It helps bridge that awkwardness between-seasons period when a cooler climate can reap havoc with your wardrobe.

The coatigan with its fabulous knit can flatter and help shape your look in comfort. It can prove itself as the perfect transitional fashion item time and time again.

Choosing the right coatigan for you

Regardless if you prefer bold or neutral hues, make sure you select a coatigan that you can pair with other items in your wardrobe.

Ladies who are naturally oversized can seek refuge with the coatigan as it is allows you to style yourself effortlessly and looks great when pulled in at the waist.

For the shorter gal, choose a shorter length coatigan. Make sure its length is in proportion with your body size. You don’t want it to look like a rug and too oversized.

For the slightly tall lady, go for a coatigan with a bit more length so it lands just above the knee line. It is great for keeping you warm with a beautiful finish. The good thing about coatigans is that no matter what shape you are, there’s one out there for you.

Where to wear your coatigan

The coatigan is so fab that it can be worn Inside the home or to work, even on the school run; the coatigan knows no limits.

You can wear your coatigan around the house on a cold winters day while being ready to meet your friends in style at the drop of a hat. Just remember to have your umbrella at hand because it won’t protect you against the unpredictable Irish wet weather.

How to wear your coatigan indoors

There are so many ways to style your coatigan while indoors. Tees and jeans can be easily paired with your coatigan. If the air inside drops, you can don your coatigan without effort to keep you stylish while nice and snug.


How to style your coatigan

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