How to be a smart shoe shopper

How to be a smart shoe shopper

How to be a smart shoe shopper. It is a well-known fact that investing in good quality footwear is good for your feet. Buying the best shoes for your tootsies will have long term benefits and make you look better and feel great!

All of us ladies love bargains but there is a huge difference between a pair of shoes that cost €20 to those that cost €100. When shopping for new footwear there are a few simple rules you should stick to. These will ensure you get value and your money’s worth

Choose carefully and don’t skimp on cost

Ask yourself is the shoe in the sale really a bargain? Sometimes you will come across a shoe in sales that is hugely reduced in price and think this is for you.

However, you will find nine times out of ten that cheap priced shoes were always intended to be sold on the cheap. Most of not of good quality. Here’s a simple trick, run your fingers around the inside of the shoe and check for rough seams.

Even the tiniest ridges will quickly punish the great feeling of a shoe when worn.

Check out the sole of the shoe

The sole of any comfortable shoe should always be a nice depth. If a shoe has a thin base sole it will cause you discomfort. This is because you will be grinding it against hard surfaces like pavements and solid flooring.

A thin sole offers little cover in protecting the shock absorption to your joints of feet. Any shoe worth its salt should have a sole that is strong yet flexible enough in order for your toes to move in comfort when worn.

Afternoon shoe shopping is the best time

All shoe experts recommend that the best time to shop for shoes that you intend to try on in the shop should be in the afternoon. This allows your feet the chance to spread a little.

Feet have a tendency to swell during the day. If you try on shoes before the blood have had time to circulate your body properly, you will find they become uncomfortable later in the day.

Heel them in

Shoes with really high heels may look fab but it is no real surprise to see even the most fashion conscious women wearing pumps or runners to work with their heels tucked away in their bag.

For every day work wear we suggest you avoid wearing a shoe with a heel that exceeds 4 inches. Opt for that heel that offers essential support inside of the shoe.

Make sure it fits comfortably around your heel area. If the back of a shoe is out of shape, it doesn’t offer you the right support and protection.

Your choice of shoe should fit straight away

If the pair of shoes you are looking at nip or pinch you while trying them on in the shop, choose something else. The theory that they will loosen up when worn a few times is a myth.

If you are hell-bent on this pair then try a larger size. If that doesn’t work then forget them. While you want your shoe to look great you have to remember you expect them to support you as you go about your day.

If they don’t feel comfortable in the shop, they won’t feel anymore comfortable when you get home. Support and comfort first, then style.


How to be a smart shoe shopper

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