How to rock a three-piece suit with style

How to rock a three-piece suit with style

How to rock a three-piece suit with style. While it may not be something you wear all the time, a three-piece suit is an essential investment for your wardrobe. Nothing looks more polished quite like this stylish suit.

This traditional menswear design is smart while currently being on-trend.

So if you want to suit up with style, read on for our tips on choosing the perfect three-piece suit.

What is a three-piece suit?

As the name might suggest, a three-piece suit is one that has three parts: jacket, waistcoat and trousers. It is a dressier alternative to the standard two-piece designs. You can match the waistcoat to the jacket or choose one that contrasts.

No matter what you choose, it is essential to get the fit right for your body. The waistcoat should fit close to your body and the jacket roomy enough to button up over the top. The waistcoat should extend over the waistband of the trousers without extending too far below.


Three-piece suits are often reserved for formal events due to their sophisticated appearance. To pull off this suit style for a formal occasion, choose a well-fitted design in a classic colour. Black always makes a great choice for evening events while navy or grey are better suited for daytime events.


While a three-piece suit can look too much for casual office events, it works well for semi-formal occasions. Just make sure to keep it work appropriate. Avoid loud colours or bold accessories. Choose a grey or navy suit and partner it with a white or pale blue shirt. Add a pair of leather derby shoes and patterned tie.


If you want to buy your first three-piece suit, navy makes a great choice. This colour appears clean, smart, flatters every skin tone and is versatile. For formal or business occasions, opt for a plain navy suit. For something more creative, go for a check or contrast stripe.

To style your navy suit, wear a white shirt and burgundy tie. Finish with footwear that looks sophisticated and stylish, such as a polished pair of monk strap shoes.


A blue colour can add some fun and freshness to your look. But it’s important to choose the right shade of blue. Light and washed-out blues are ideal for daytime events and a bright blue is better suited to evening events.

To play up the contemporary style of a blue suit, add some relaxed yet smart footwear. Loafers are an excellent choice.


A white three-piece suit needs to be worn by someone full of confidence. To avoid appearing bland, add some subtle colour such as a pale blue shirt, patterned tie and brown shoes.

Wear a white suit with a contrasting waistcoat for something different. If you do go for this look, remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple.


A black three-piece suit will always look sophisticated and polished. Keep one on hand for weddings, charity dinners and more. When it comes to wearing your suit, keep things sleek and free from colours or embellishments. For a smart and coordinated appearance, match your waistcoat to your jacket.


When choosing a grey three-piece suit, the most important factor is tone. Grey can vary dramatically in their hues, so it can be tricky finding the right shade for you. Once you find your perfect colour, you want to think about design. Plain grey is a classic colour, but a subtle pattern can add some excitement to your look. To keep the rest of your outfit from looking to intense, keep things neutral.

For formal occasions, wear a white shirt and a pink or blue one for more relaxed settings. For footwear, brown shoes can add an easygoing elegance while black can dress up any suit.

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How to rock a three-piece suit with style

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