Styling tips for the shorter guy

Styling tips for the shorter guy

Styling tips for the shorter guy. The average height of a Irish man is five foot nine. If you are below this height, then you will know what a pain it is when shopping for clothes on the high street.

Most men’s clothes aren’t cut or designed to cater for men of your stature. However, since the introduction of on-line shopping, most retailers have started catering for the shorter guy.

They offer a wide range of designs to suit men of all shapes and sizes. All available at the click of mouse.

However, the fit and finished length of your garment may never be 100%. We have put some styling tips to help you look and feel great, whatever the occasion.

Take a trip to your local alterations shop

As you will know, off-the-rack trousers are often going to be too long. Thankfully, most towns have an alteration boutique who can adjust your clothing at minimal expense.

They will be able to adjust your trousers to your exact size to give your them the tailored finished look.

Go for the block out

All your clothes should create an illusion of length. The best way to approach this is to fuse the top and bottom so they flow into each other.

Try wearing block colours in the same or very similar shades. They can project your body into looking longer than it is because there’s less contrast.

Arise your waist area

Styling is all about getting the proportion right. Foe those of you who are short means you want to lengthen the look of your legs. Try tucking your shirt in to trousers worn nearer your waist than your hips.

This will add a couple of extra inches to your legs making them seem agile opposed to broad.

Trim makes you look slim

This is an important step to remember. If you don’t have much going on vertically, then you need to compensate and minimise what’s happening crossways.

Short men just disappear in baggy clothes. Slim fits will always make you look longer and slender. Try and stick to tapered trousers and tailored shirts.

Keep the interest above the waist

It is worth pointing out that it is always good to keep the detail on the top half of your waist. You should be looking to draw attention to the upper part of your body opposed to down.

Stick to neutral trousers and go for prints or patterns in your shirts and sweater line-ups.


Styling tips for the shorter guy

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