Essential tips on how to wear dark lipstick

Essential tips on how to wear dark lipstick

Essential tips on how to wear dark lipstick. While we all love our nude lipstick, sometimes, we want to wear something more daring.

Dark lipstick can be intimidating. But it can look striking and feel empowering to wear. If you feel like you cannot wear this trend, read on for our tips to help you pull off dark lipstick like a pro.

Pick Your Shade

The point of dark lipstick is to make a statement. Find a colour that will match the intensity you’re looking for and wear it with confidence and attitude. Fair skin tones look great in deep reds, medium skin tones should go for deep-chocolate shades and deeper skin tones look sensational in super-dark plums.

Prep Your Lips

It’s important to prep your lips before applying dark lipstick. This will ensure it lasts all day. Give your lips a gentle scrub with a flannel, a toothbrush or exfoliator.

This will remove any dead skin that will look flaky when you apply your lipstick. Apply lip balm and wait for any excess moisture to be absorbed.

Perfect Your Lip Line

You don’t need any makeup brushes or magnifying glasses. Simply, apply the lipstick straight from the bullet or wand. Use a fine lip brush to spread the colour to the outer edges. To make your lips look sharper, use a pencil that is the same shade as your lipstick. You can apply concealer around your lips to clean up any mistakes.


Your lipstick may start to wear off throughout the day. Before you wipe it all off and start again, there’s a simple remedy. Add more lipstick straight from the bullet to your lower lip and press your lips together to spread the colour to your top lip.

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Essential tips on how to wear dark lipstick

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