Outfit ideas to get you through the party season

Outfit ideas to get you through the party season

Outfit ideas to get you through the party season. The festive season is upon us and that means your social calendar is about to be booked up.

Party season is the perfect excuse to get all dressed up. Sparkly earring sand platform sandals? Why not. Metallic gold boots for lunch? Sure. You’ll be glad of any opportunity to let your inner party girl out.

From a cocktail party to a night out with your work mates, we’ve put together some style ideas to get you through any Christmas event.

A Night At The Pub

Why not jazz up your t-shirt and jeans with a statement coat. This will add some interest to a casual outfit without you making too much effort.


For cocktail-party season, you cannot go wrong with a classic little black mini dress. It’s sophisticated, classy and is easy to style. For a timeless look, wear your favourite little black dress with a pair of black pointed-toe pumps.

Lunch Date

Sequins and sneakers are a fresh combination this festive season. They are also perfect for a lunch date. Pair a green blouse with some white sneakers and a sequin midi skirt.

Work Party

The work party can be tricky to navigate. You want to look smart, stylish and confident all at the same time. Why not wear a classic midi dress, with long sleeves and a flattering, nipped-in waist. Tie the look together with a pair of black boots and belt to match.

House Party

This category can vary depending on whose house you are heading to, but you can’t go wrong with boots, a midi skirt and a knitted jumper. Wear a sequin skirt for a festive feel. The heels and top will stop you from looking like a bauble as well as keeping you warm during the chilly nights.

After-Work Drinks

If you are not a dress person, why not wear a classic suit. There are a wide range of suits out there that are anything but traditional, from gingham designs, to bright colours. Why not suit up, pop on some lipstick, slip on some black heels and you are ready for drinks after work.

Here at Fashion.ie we always promote fashion sustainability. Where possible, please exchange your clothing with others to increase their longevity which ensures they do not go towards landfill which is bad for the environment.

Always check out how and where your clothes, beauty products and accessories are made before purchase to ensure they are not only ethically produced but environmentally friendly.

We can all play our part and make the difference to working towards a better and cleaner fashion environment here in Ireland.


Outfit ideas to get you through the party season

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