The best red nail polish for your skin tone

The best red nail polish for your skin tone

The best red nail polish for your skin tone. Choosing a nail polish colour is always a challenge. Just like finding your perfect blush or lipstick for you, a red nail polish is not a one size fits all.

While one shade can look amazing on one person, it has the potential to make someone else’s skin look washed out. So how exactly are you meant to choose the perfect red polish for you and your skin tone?

Read on for our tips which reds flatter which skin tones.

Fair Skin

Any red shade with a touch of blue are perfect for those of you with fair skin. A classic red contrasts pale skin enough to make your hands look crisp and clean.

If you want to wear a darker shade, make a statement with a deep cherry. Be sure it doesn’t look too close to black. As a rule, stay away from warm reds or coral as they will emphasise the natural ruddiness often found in pale skin.

Medium Skin

Your skin’s warm undertones will help bright corals and pink red colours look flattering on your nails. These colours can highlight blotchiness in light skin tones, but pair perfectly with medium ones.

If you don’t want your manicure to scream ‘tropical holiday’, go for a red with a little gold iridescent. Red polishes with a shimmer will illuminate your nail and bring out the golden undertones in your skin, without being too glittery.

Olive Skin

Olive skin is one of the few skin tones that look amazing with warm, bright reds. Your skin is a unique combination of yellow and green undertones.

For a classic look, try a tomato-red shade. This will offset green hues that can stand out in olive skin. Or you can go for a bright, tangerine red.

Dark Skin

Darker complexions can’t go wrong with a red nail polish in the burgundy family. Deep, vampy burgundies will contrast dark skin beautifully without looking too harsh.

If you don’t want to wear something too dramatic, try a few coats of an opaque purple red. Look for a dense pigment with hints or coral or white as a translucent red can look dull on dark skin.

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The best red nail polish for your skin tone

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