Men's black versus brown shoes

Men’s black versus brown shoes

Men’s black versus brown shoes It should be pretty obvious whether your fashion outfit calls for smart black or earthy brown boots.

However, when you have similar style shoes in both black and brown, the decision of choice may somewhat be harder.

Thankfully, there are no precedence in choosing either. Deciding the right finishing touch to suit the shoe for the occasion is about asking yourself a few simple questions and running with your gut instinct. We have picked out a few questions you should ask yourself when you run into this dilemma

Consider the colours in your outfit

Earthly tones always look good with brown shoes. Navy and black pair well with more urban and sporty colours. If your trousers are brown or black, it’s as simple as choosing the same colour shoes.

Take on board other styling details

It’s a normal rule of thumb for your shoes, socks and your belt to match. Think of them as a matching trio to complete your look. It’s not really important for other accessories like a watch or glasses to match your shoe and belt line-up.

Think about the vibe you are trying to create

The colour black lends itself to more formal and serious occasions. Browns are more about that street guy who likes to make an impression. It all depends on your character and mood.

A good example is, a pair of black Docs gives off a look of aggression compared to a pair of brown Red Wing boots. Think about which style clan the shoes belong and ask yourself whether rest of your costume falls into line with that group.

The shoes themselves

Whether they are black or brown shoes, all have different finishes. Do they have matte or shiny finish? Does one have a classic detailing while the other is spare and modern?

It is the subtle differences in the make-up of your shoes that ends up giving you that gut feeling of which one works better than the other. It is all about picking a pair of shoes that compliments your outfit. You should never force you overall look to be something it’s not.

If you are in a conundrum of what colour shoes goes best with your outfit, ask someone’s opinion about how your final finish looks while wearing the shoes. Second opinions are always good.


Men’s black versus brown shoes

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