Adidas and Prada fashion collaboration confirmed

Adidas and Prada fashion collaboration confirmed

Adidas and Prada fashion collaboration confirmed. Luxury Italian fashion brand Prada are set to team up with German sports makers Adidas for a joint collaboration.

What was once deemed as a rumour has now turned into reality with Prada officially announcing the news on their Instagram account.

Adidas were founded back in 1949 in Germany 

Founded back in 1913 by Mario Prada, the Italian fashion brand is infamous for their luxury shoes, accessories and and clothing.

On Thursday (07.11.2019) Prada posted a photo depicting an modest Prada shopping bag that contained two adidas shoe boxes.

At present no other information about their venture has been released. However, the hashtag #pradaforadidas has already been set in motion.

Neither Prada or Adidas have released any statement but there is a lot of speculation to what the pair intend to release.
Some fashion experts in the know are guessing that they will drop his and her sneakers.

Will their collaboration be shoes or clothing?  

Other are predicting that the German and Italian fashion brands will release special edition clothing. Could it be the start of an ongoing partnership between adidas’s Raf Simons and Stella McCartney?

Whatever they decide to release will have fashion spectators guessing for the coming weeks. This news follows the opening of Adidas new LDN store on Oxford Street, London last month.

The German sportswear giant is looking reinvent their retail offering by fusing digital innovation, unique shopping experiences while ramping up their efforts on enhancing their the shopper’s in-store shopping experience.

Situated on London’s Oxford Street, their new premises consists of 26,909 retail space. This is spread out over four floors and offers fashion lines from across the Adidas brand.

Their collections include their own branded style and performance products for men, women and children. This takes in designs from football apparel and footwear to their latest Originals designs and collaborations with Adidas Yeezy as well as Adidas by Stella McCartney and Y-3 specific areas.

Adidas and Prada fashion collaboration confirmed

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