How to shave your legs properly

How to shave your legs properly

How to shave your legs properly. Shaving our legs is an everyday ritual from most of us. However, it’s probably one of the few things our parents never showed us how to do. For most teens it’s a “have a go” and see how things turn out.

We suppose it’s a bit like riding a bike. Most young gals started out with a bar of soap or shaving foam, a plastic razor and off you go!

If you are regularly dealing with itchy legs, in-grown hairs or stubble that seems to grow back in a matter of hours then you need to look at your shaving regime. We have put together a few basic tips to help you get that silk like finish to your pins.

Start by having a clean sharp razor to hand

OK it sounds obvious, but how many times have we continued to use the same old razor without replacing the blade? Using a razor that is dry and sharp will always give you the closest, cleanest shave.

Blunt blades can lead to nicks and cuts, so you want to avoid dull razors at all costs. Professionals advise changing our blade after 10 to 15 shaves.

Most modern razors now come with moisture indicator strips that fade with use. This tells you it’s time to replace your blade. Try and avoid disposable plastic razors as they are not the best.

Leg preparation, wet your legs

Having wet moist legs is a key ingredient when shaving your legs. Where possible soak your legs in the bathtub or shower for a few minutes before shaving your skin.

It’s common to miss spots or get nicks your skin when your legs are not wet enough. Try letting your skin sit in a wet, warm environment for a few minutes.

This allows for your skin and hair to soften. It softens the hair and makes it easier for your razor to get close to the skin. You are less likely to feel new stubble later on in the day.

Remember to exfoliate

In addition to soaking your legs, it is wise to use a loofah or body scrub to scrape away dead skin before you shave. It is some people’s opinion that when you shave, you are also exfoliating your skin.

This can be true to a point, but it isn’t going to give you as clean of a shave if don’t you prepare the area beforehand. If you don’t exfoliate, dead skin cells can block up the razor blade.

This can lead to razor burns. So, create a blank on your skin that will allow you remove hair properly.
Shaving cream application

Some women prefer to use body wash or soap as a replacement to shaving cream or gel. However, the gel and cream are the best options and here is why.

Conditioning your skin before shaving will soften the hair and the hair follicle. That way there’s less irritation when your razor moves across your skin.

Apply a lump of shaving cream into your hand and spread a lightly layer evenly over the surface of your legs. If you don’t have gel or cream to hand you can use hair conditioner, which is the best alternate to shaving cream. This is because of its emollient and conditioning properties.

How to shave your legs properly

The way to shave

Always shave against the direction of hair growth. Start at your ankle and slowly shave upward. An upward leg shave ensures you’re shaving against the direction of hair growth, this ensures a closer shave.

Avoid from pressing hard and let the blades on the razor do the work. If hard pressure is applied, it can cause dimples or divots in your skin. This in turn can lead to nicks or missed spots and you don’t want that.

Rinse off your razor

After a few strokes of the razor on your skin you will find it will clog with shaving cream and stubble. Always rinse it off using clean warm water and continue shaving. If you notice hairs are stuck, try holding it directly under the shower head and let the water pressure push the hair out.

If you are still experiencing clogging, wipe the head of the blade on a flannel or towel and rise again. Avoid using your fingers as you don’t want any nasty cuts.

Rinse off your legs well

Now you have shaved your legs the proper way it’s time to rinse off the legs. Apply the shower head spay up and down your legs. Now run your hands up and down your legs to ensure you have not missed any spots.

If you find you have missed a spot, then reapply the cream or gel and start the procedure over.

Dry off and moisturise your pins

After you have dried off your legs, apply a lotion or oil that will help hydrate your legs. Moisturising your pins will help prevent the little red bumps that may crop up after shaving. It also leaves your legs nice and smooth.

Our final tip

Always store your razor in a clean and dry place. Did you know that keeping your razor in the shower is the worst place to store it. It can speed up the rust process of the blade. It can also increases your risk of bacterial or fungal infection. Ensure to store your blade in a moisture free zone.


How to shave your legs properly

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