Ways to dress down your blazer

Ways to dress down your blazer

Ways to dress down your blazer.To some women, the blazer feels like they are an old piece of clothing. There is a perception that no one wears them anymore.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as in 2019, the blazer look has made somewhat of a revival. They add sophistication to any outfit, and there is nothing better than the dress down blazer look.

You don’t have to wear them dressed up, or doubled with trousers. Blazers look great with jeans and shirts. Before delving in to buy your blazer, here are a few things to remember.

Can you pair it with 30% of your current wardrobe?

When choosing a blazer you should always think what you are going to wear underneath it. Will you be able to pair items in your current wardrobe with your new blazer?

For you ladies who love to accessories, will your collection of accessories match your finished blazer look? Look at your wardrobe line-up first.

Consider what type of blazer will go with your current fashion collection. There is no point buying a new blazer if you have nothing to wear underneath it!

Colour and look of the blazer.

This also relates back to your current wardrobe line-up. When choosing a blazer for that great casual look, think of occasions that you will wear it.

Do you want a simple design with neutral colours? If you like to be a bit more creative, do you want something more jazzy to reflect your own character? These are all important things to consider when buying a Women’s blazer.

Easy ways to style your blazer

So how do you dress down your blazer? Here are a few simple fashion tips and gimmicks to help you pull off that great blazer look.

  • Wear your blazer with jeans. There are so many brilliant looks you can achieve by pairing your blazer with Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or even high-waisted jeans. Most types of jeans will do. They even look cool when worn with shorts during the summer months.
  • Try and avoid collared shirts. Instead, choose a round neck or even V-neck top. For the more creative you add a graphic tee for that more cool finish.
  • Consider your blazer as a piece of layering. Blazers are like most leather jackets. They can be worn with almost anything for that great casual look.
  • You don’t need a fitted blazer. It can be an oversized and worn over your favourite knit dress, and paired with trainers!
    There are a few things to consider when hunting for that great blazer to add to your wardrobe collection
  • Try and be sustainable with your choice of blazer. When choosing your blazer, check the quality of the garment. Where possible, always choose a that blazer that is ethically made and is fashion sustainable. It’s good for you and the planet.

Ways to dress down your blazer

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