Ways to style your flared jeans

Ways to style your flared jeans

Ways to style your flared jeans. The flared jeans are not just a things of the past related to the disco era of the 70’s. In recent months the flared jeans look has made a magnificent revival.

They are one of the most exciting comebacks to happen in denim since the birth of high-waisted jeans

This is evident with the flared jeans look now a favourite with leading fashion celebs including Kate Bosworth, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid. In fashion weeks around the world, the 70’s flared jeans look was a definitive “on trend” look for 2019.

This season there are several flared look finishes to be enjoyed. Self-tie silk blouses, platform shoes, and positive tailoring can keep your flared jean look contemporary.

We have put together a few simple styles when pairing your wardrobe with flared jeans for that stylish finish.

Grove with the 70s flare jeans look

Why not double down with the vintage vibe of the denim silhouette and accessorise taking inspiration from past eras. Pair your flared jeans with platform shoes, silkscreened scarves, animal-print crossbody bags, oversized sunglasses. Mix and match for that great nostalgic look.

Less is more for that sophisticated look

The great thing about flared jeans is that you can dress them up or down.
Some say simple is best and for that chic and basic classic look, add a plain white shirt or blouse. Pair with pointed black flat shoes and your sophisticated look will speak for itself.

Add layering for the winter months

As the temperature cools consider extra laying with your flared jeans to keep you warm. Long belted coats can make the flare at the hem of your jeans feel more melodramatic.

It sends a strong fashion statement to on-lookers that there is powerful person beneath the coat. Don’t be shy in adding prints and different textures. It is winter after all!

Let your shoe look join in the fun

Split-hem jeans are a big denim trend for winter 2019. They allow you to have the best of both worlds. You can complement your flared jeans look with a subtle peek at your footwear.



Ways to style your flared jeans

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