How to remove waterproof mascara properly

How to remove waterproof mascara properly

How to remove waterproof mascara properly. There are many benefits to waterproof mascara. You don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying or getting raccoon eyes when you get caught in the rain.

However, as much as we love waterproof mascara, it can be hard to remove at the end of the day. You can’t simply wash it off with water and using cleansers and makeup removers mean you find yourself tugging and losing lashes along the way.

Read on to find out how to remove waterproof mascara seamlessly and keep your lashes intact.

Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is the process of cleaning your face twice. Using a cleansing balm or oil first will break down any dirt or makeup on your face. Cleansing balms can leave your lashes clean without irritating your eyes.

Whatever product you use, it’s important to get all of your makeup off, even if it is time-consuming.

Don’t Swipe Right Away

As waterproof mascara is hard to remove, it’s easy to start tugging at your eyes to try and get break down your makeup. If you start scrubbing and tugging right away, you can pull out or break your lashes.

Hold and press a soaked cotton pad over your eyelids for a few seconds before swiping. This will give your makeup remover time to break down your makeup.

For those of you who aren’t makeup artists, try to use reusable cotton pads. Not only are they better for the environment, but loose cotton fibers can get stuck in your lashes, which can irritate your eyes.

Use Oil-Based Cleansers

The key to breaking down your waterproof mascara is to use oil-based cleansers. While all micellar waters will remove makeup, some specialty ‘oil-infused’ ones work best.

Next time you’re working with stubborn mascara, reach for Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water. Just remember to shake it before using.

Don’t rush the process of taking off your makeup and remember to be gentle.


Waterproof mascara can be harsh on your lashes so it’s important to not wear it all the time. Eyelashes are hair and need to be conditioned to be healthy and strong. Using a lash serum every once in a while to give your lashes a boost.

If you don’t want to buy a lash serum, coconut oil is a great and inexpensive way to condition your lashes. Use a small amount and massage it onto the tips of your lashes to keep them soft and strong.

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How to remove waterproof mascara properly

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