How to find lingerie to go with your body shape

How to find lingerie to go with your body shape

How to find lingerie to go with your body shape. We’ve all had those moments when we’ve seen lingerie that looks great on the model…until we try it on ourselves.

Shopping for a bra and panties is utilitarian for most women. You buy a bra to enhance your breast shape and panties to complete the outfit but what about lingerie as a whole?

Many women will buy lacy undergarments because they make you feel sexy and stylish. But how do you decide which ones to buy? It’s all about fit.

Here is our guide to help your find the right lingerie to go with your body shape.


An hourglass body shape is distinguished by shoulders that are the same width as the hips and a narrow waist that tapers inwards. While hourglass figures look great in any lingerie style, a corset, teddy or garter belt will emphasise your narrow hips and turn up the heat.

Thongs, matching sets and v-cut panties are also stunning on hourglass figures.


If your hips are wider than your chest and shoulders, you have a triangle shape, like Jennifer Lopez. If you want to draw attention to your hips, a matching set, thong, teddy or v-cut panties will do the trick.

If you want to balance out your figure, select lingerie that draws attention upwards, like a corset, push up bra or lacy babydoll.


The rectangular body shape is an athletic figure that is like an hourglass shape, without the tapered waist. Cameron Diaz and Kaley Cuoco are classic rectangles.

If you have this body shape, wear lingerie that brings attention to your waist, like corsets, bustiers or camisoles. Frills, ruffles and lace details on the bust will flatter a rectangle shape. Fabric like satin or silk will cling to the figure to create more shape.

Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle shape means you have broad shoulders, a large bust and narrow hips and waist. A teddy is your secret weapon when it comes to lingerie. This piece will slim your shoulders and elongate your body while appearing sexy and seductive.

While wearing a bra, keep it simple and select panties with ruffles and frills to balance your shape. A classic negligee or kimono will elongate your body shape.


Having an apple body shape means you have wide hips and a large bust, like beautiful model Ashley Graham. With curves in the right places, your lingerie can enhance the favourite parts of your body.

Shapewear will create a smooth and sexy silhouette while a babydoll and chemise will draw attention to your bust and long legs. If you don’t want to focus on a specific body part, a matching set will balance out your figure.

Here at we always promote fashion sustainability. Where possible, please exchange your clothing with others to increase their longevity which ensures they do not go towards landfill which is bad for the environment.

Always check out how and where your clothes, beauty products and accessories are made before purchase to ensure they are not only ethically produced but environmentally friendly.

We can all play our part and make the difference to working towards a better and cleaner fashion environment here in Ireland.


How to find lingerie to go with your body shape

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