Why Kim Kardashian is suing makeup app for millions

Why Kim Kardashian is suing makeup app for millions

Why Kim Kardashian is suing makeup app for millions. TV reality star, Kim Kardashian has issued legal proceedings against a beauty app for the unauthorised use of her image.

The 39-year old Californian star has filed a lawsuit against app developer iHandy for €10 million dollars.

App company, iHandy Ltd., own the Sweet Cam photo editing app that allows users to virtually apply makeup

Kim Kardashian owns her own make up brand KKW Beauty 

According to documents she submitted Los Angeles Superior Court last Wednesday, Kim is claiming that iHandy have used unauthorised photos of herself for fraudulent commercial exploitation.

The photo causing all the controversy is a photo she posted to her Instagram account last October 2017. This was to promote new products for her own KKW Beauty brand.

The court documents state that iHandy “copied, cropped, manipulated and exploited” the photo for advertising material’s for the Sweet Cam app.

Kim’s lawsuit states that iHandy manipulated Kardashian West’s photo for an Instagram video that showed the Sweet Cam app altering her image.

She claims this is an infringement and misappropriation of her own intellectual property rights. The court notes also state that Kim did not authorise or give permission to the usage and manipulation of her photo.

Kardashian is also claiming $10 million in damages from the app company. In addition she is demanding they disclose exactly how much money they generated through the usage of her photo.

Kim Kardashian west is insisting that iHandy cease from using her photos or name in the future to promote their app.
An assigned court date for Kardashian West’s lawsuit against iHandy is yet to be confirmed.

Kim isn’t the only celebrity this year to run into issues with misuse of their image property rights. Only last month, popster, Ariana Grande sued fashion brand Forever21 for $10 million.

She claimed they ran an ad campaign that replicated and included photos from music videos from her “Thank U, Next” album.


Why Kim Kardashian is suing makeup app for millions

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