Simple ways to style your grey jeans

Simple ways to style your grey jeans

Simple ways to style your grey jeans

The grey jean look was once a look enjoyed by rock band at turn of the century. They were hip and rockers loved their dark look. In recent years grey jeans are enjoying a resurgence of some sort.

The grey jeans look of today has stepped up in the fashion stakes with different designs and shades readily available. Today, celebrities like David Beckham and Dwayne Johnson can be spotted wearing them.

The fact they can be worn for the dress me up or down look has made them popular once more. They can be easily paired with either a plain tee or hoodie for that cool daytime look.

Moving up a notch, they can be matched with a blazer or jumper for a more semi-formal occasion. Whatever your choice the grey jeans look is a firm wardrobe staple.

Before you jump right in a buy any old pair of grey jeans there are few things to remember,

Get the fit of your jeans right

When deciding on the pair of grey jeans for your look, always consider the fit first. Grey jeans come in so many different styles and designs that you want a pair the describes your own style. The most common types today is, regular, skinny or loose fit. If you are a guy who is 40 plus, then you should consider regular style jeans. Leave the skinny one for the younger generation.

Choose material that suits your skin

The grey jeans of today come in so many different material choices it’s easy to get a pair that gives you comfort. From cotton to denim you will certainly find one that feels good on. If you are the guy who favours comfort over looks, then cotton is a great choice. For the more rugged look, denim is for you.

A few ways to pair your Jeans

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many ways to style your grey jeans that you will be spoilt for choice.

Light grey jeans with tee: This is a super casual daytime look for any guy. Match with a plaid shirt for extra layering and you are nearly there. Complete this trendy look with clean white trainers.

Dark grey jeans with Jumper. Pair your dark colour grey jeans with a pastel coloured jumper for that semi-casual day to night look. Brown boots or shoes really complete this stylish look.

Grey jeans with shirt and jacket. This is when you are going to elevate your fashion look for casual to smart in a few moves. A white shirt paired with light grey jacket and dark grey jeans is simply so chic. This is true styling for the man who appreciates that sophisticated fashion look.


Simple ways to style your grey jeans

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