How to make your green eyes stand out

How to make your green eyes stand out

How to make your green eyes stand out. You have good reason to be happy if you have green eyes. It’s an enchanting colour and is extremely rare. According to estimates, only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes.

And because they are so rare, it can be hard to find products and makeup tips that make green eyes stand out.

We’ve rounded up tips and tricks to help you enhance your eye colour.

Wear Purple Makeup

Purple is the perfect colour to help you make your green eyes pop. As red lies directly across from green on the colour wheel, any purple shade (especially ones with red undertones) will compliment green eyes.

If you are bored with wearing black mascara, opt for purple. YSL Mascara Vinyl Couture in I’m The Unpredictable Burgundy is a great shade and the formula will help condition and separate your lashes.

Go For Gold

A gold eyeshadow, whether it’s a bronzy shade, a champagne gold or more rose gold, will compliment your green eyes.

For a classic gold and bronze smoky eye, line your top and bottom lashes with some black eyeliner. Use a soft brush to smudge the liner to create a sultry effect. Apply brown eyeshadow onto your lids. Using black liner, create and blend out a small wing to create a smoky effect.

Curl your lashes and add some mascara. Add some gold eyeshadow to your inner corners to make them you more awake.

Embrace Green Eye Shadow

Don’t be afraid to wear green eye shadow if you have green eyes. Go for a shade that contrasts your eye colour. If you have dark irises, try a jade shade. If they are light, go for a dark olive colour.

For a daytime look, trace an eye pencil in jade or olive over your lash line. Don’t worry about being precise. With a flat brush, drag the colour out and move slightly upward. This will awaken your eyes and put a spotlight on your irises.

For a more dramatic look, line your top and bottom lashes with a brown eyeliner. Using a flat brush, smudge your top lash line out. Swipe a shimmery green cream eye shadow onto your lids using your finger.

Warm Shades Are Your Friend

Warm shades can help your green eyes pop. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette contains warm and rust shades that are perfect for complimenting green eyes.

With hues ranging from mattes to shimmers to metallic shades, there are an infinite number of looks you can create with this palette. The glittery copper shade Lumbre is the ideal shade to contrast your eye colour.

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How to make your green eyes stand out

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