Billionaire heiress launches sustainable fashion label

Billionaire heiress launches sustainable fashion label

Billionaire heiress launches sustainable fashion label. A young wealthy billionaire from China is launching her own sustainable fashion company to prove that the fashion business can be both environmentally sustainable and profitable.

Veronica Chou comes from a family who have made over €2 billion euro through their investments in companies like Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger.

Everybody & Everyone is fully fashion sustainable 

Now Veronica has launched her own company, Everybody & Everyone, to show the rest of the world that clothing companies can be profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Chou’s new fashion brand, Everybody & Everyone is applying the lessons that she has learned about sustainability and including them in her new fashion brand.

Veronica is hoping that her new company will serve as a model for how to fuse sustainability into every part of the industry.

Her new brand caters for women of all sizes and shapes. Prices range from average out at between $50 to $150. They have partnered with other companies including Naadam and Ecoalf whose products include sustainable cashmere and recycled fabrics made from plastic.

Sizes rage from 0-24

In a statement released by Veronica, she said “For our brand, recycled is a big story for us. Our t-shirts, our socks, our packaging, our mailers, our labels, our stickers are all made from recycled materials that can be recycled again.

I started building Everybody & Everyone from the ground-up, first by getting the best team in place then by finding the right vendors, manufacturers and partners who were already making strides in the sustainability space.

I want this brand to be for every woman, so body positivity, inclusivity and sustainability were going to be the backbone of everything we did.

We then constructed the brands sustainable & technical pillars, which consist of activation, recycled, dyeing & printing, naturals done better, bio-based fibres and end use to ensure our products would minimise negative impacts.

We are sustainable down to the labels sewn into each garment.”


Billionaire heiress launches sustainable fashion label

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