Ladies suede jackets for all year round

Ladies suede jackets for all year round

Ladies suede jackets for all year round. Nothing says cool and sexy as Suede. A Ladies suede jacket is a timeless piece of fashion that can be enjoyed all year round.

Whether its faux or for real, these soft leather jackets can elevate your fashion look in an instant. They can be worn with tees and jeans for that super casual relaxed look.

Paired with trousers or skirt they can transcend your look to formal in a heartbeat. The suede jackets of today come in so many different colours and designs we are really spoilt for choice.

Getting the perfect suede jacket to suit your look is another thing entirely. The cost of each suede jacket can vary. This all depends on the quality and the design of the jacket.

We have picked out three great looking suede jackets for you to look at. Both offer something different in their look. There are a few things you have to remember before you delve in and purchase the jacket for you. Do you want it for summer or winter wear? These are simple tips to remember that will help you choose a suede jacket that will suit your style and enjoy for years to come.

Get the size right

This is straight forward enough. You want a jacket that sits on the body without looking like a donkey jacket. Given the choice of design, you may want something short which is perfect if you are a small build.

If you are a tall gal then you may want something that lands a few inches below your waist line. For regular daytime wear maybe choose a design that lands above the knee line.

Slim fit jackets are best as they present the perfect finish when paired with jeans and boots. Always try on your jacket before purchase.

Maintenance of your jacket.

This is really important. Whether you choose faux or real leather always consider its upkeep. Most suede jackets of today are easily maintained.

They just require a wipe or brush down to keep them looking in good shape. Others do require “dry-clean” which means you will have to pay for its regular maintenance. Always read the label and check its cleaning requirements.

Ensure the colour matches your wardrobe

Another important thing to remember is you want a jacket that can be paired with at least 40% of your wardrobe. Brown, tan or black suede jackets are always a safe bet.

They can fuse with most things like jeans and tees. If you are feeling more adventurous, reds and blues are a daring colour but make sure you have a wardrobe to pair with.

With such a wonderful choice of faux suede jackets to choose from today, we recommend that you explore this option first. It’s cruelty free and good for our environment we live in.

Whatever your choice, enjoy the look of your suede jacket. Choose well and you will have a great jacket for years to come.


Ladies suede jackets for all year round

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