The secret to faking fuller and thicker brows

The secret to faking fuller and thicker brows

The secret to faking fuller and thicker brows. It can be hard waiting for your brow hairs to grow back. Ideally, if you want to coax your brows to grow back, you should stop tweezing them completely for about a month.

However, most women don’t want to wait for their brows to grow back. If you cannot bare the growing out phase, here is how you create understated brows that look thicker and fuller.

Comb through your brows

Start by combing your brows in the direction they grow as this will show off length and fullness. This usually means combing up at the front of the brows and combing out towards the arch and tail of the brows.

Start with a lighter shade

Use a lighter shade to help define your brows and move onto a darker tone to fill in and add dimension. Using a lighter shade will help you avoid a thick and heavy outline. To fill in, draw light, medium-length strokes in the direction your brows grow, starting at your arch. To give the illusion of having more of an arch, move the pencil in an upwards motion. This will result in a feathery, non-blocky brow.

Extend the tail of the brow

Longer and fuller brows tend to look more youthful and frame the face. Using the same brow pencil, extend the tail of the brow.

If you take the pencil from the outer corner of your eye, it should meet the outer corner of your eyebrow.

Don’t overpower

Use the second, darker brow pencil to fill in. To avoid overpowering your brows, choose a shade lighter than your hair colour. At the inner corner of your brows, draw little strokes and follow the hair’s natural growth. Do the same, where needed, all over your brows.

Don’t forget to use some clear brow gel to lock in all your hard work.

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The secret to faking fuller and thicker brows

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