Match the right shirt for your blue suit

Match the right shirt for your blue suit

Match the right shirt for your blue suit. The men’s blue suit is a vintage menswear item that belongs in every man’s wardrobe. It’s timeless appearance and neutral colour makes it a classic fashion staple that is suitable for every formal occasion.

Suitable for the office or wedding, the blue suit for those men who like safe and stylish fashion. Because of its neural look, a blue suit can be paired with almost any coloured shirt.

Your suit is already co-ordinated so matching a shirt to go with it is the last important touch. Some guys think it’s as easy as throwing any old shirt on and it’s good to go, wrong!

You need a shirt that reflects your own look and complexion for that great finish. When buying that super shirt there are a few things you should consider.

Correct size means comfort

First of all make sure the size of the shirt is correct. You don’t want it to be too tight or baggy. We are all different sizes and shapes so you want that shirt to sit right on your body.

Check your collar size

Our bodies grow and shirt throughout our lifetime. This is why it is always to get your collar size checked every year to ensure the shirt you choose sits well to the collar. If you are a man who wears cufflinks, check to see if your shirt caters for various sizes of cufflinks.

Arm’s length. Make sure the length of the sleeve is correct. You don’t want an awkward overhang at the cuffs. If this happens then it means that your shirt is not the right size.

Get the material to suit your skin

Material: Shirts come in so many different materials that you need to decide what material suits your body the best. A good shirt should always feel comfortable on the skin.

Cotton shirts are a great choice as they are made of a breathable material. Polyester is also another option but most don’t really allow the skin to breath.

The right colour is key

This is also important when choosing a shirt to go with your blue shirt. If you plan to wear a tie with your shirt then neural colours like white or blue are always good options.

If you are a guy who tends to sweat a lot then light coloured shirts are always a good choice.

The blue suit is probably the most loved out of all suits. Getting the right coloured shirt to match it is always important. Stick to these very simple guidelines when choosing your next shirt. This will ensure a completed stylish finish to your blue suit look.


Match the right shirt for your blue suit

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