New Star Wars and Levi's fashion collection

New Star Wars and Levi’s fashion collection

New Star Wars and Levi’s fashion collection. American fashion house, Levi Strauss & Co have combined forces with Star Wars for a new clothing collection.

Levi are one of the world’s leading denim manufactures of denim that were founded back in 1853. They have collaborated with the epic space-opera media franchise created by George Lucas for a new clothing collection.

The new fashion line will which will pay reverence to some of the most iconic stars featured in the series of movies.

May the Force be with You 

Vice president of design innovation at Levi’s, Jonathan Cheung has revealed that the new collection will be made up of T-shirts and jeans.

“I’m always looking for shared history and our design team are always looking for meaning. We at Levi’s wanted to do something that’s more than just logos on a T-shirt.

At Levi. we look for any kind of backstory or relationship that we can find. This venture provides a subliminal backdrop, inspiration and a ground of authenticity to the creative process.

It is such a mix of incredible gratitude and the awareness that we are building is another slice of culture for both the Levi’s archive and our legacy and the Star Wars legacy.

It becomes part of the extended Star Wars family so I think it’s a very, very special thing. I feel like it’s creating history, a moment in pop culture.

New collection available from 1st November 2019

We always want to go in as fans. We want people to feel the love and the excitement of the Stars Wars theme.

The Levi family feel that if we go in with that, some of that will come out in the end. And I certainly believe that has.”

The collection includes a pair of denim jeans with the words ‘May the Force Be with You’ embroidered into them

Cheung concluded “It is such a universal uplifting phrase, you know? It’s the kind of thing you might tell yourself or your children before you face a particular challenge.”

The new Star Wars x Levi’s collection goes on sale 1st November 2019. It will be available at Levi’s website.

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