Trending over the knee boots for 2019

Trending over the knee boots for 2019

Trending over the knee boots for 2019. Oversized everything is the fashion trend for all teen this winter. From sweatshirts to hoodies, oversize is street and defines the look of comfort for those girls on trend.

When it comes to footwear, the knee boot in particular has resurrected itself as a “go to” accessory for young ladies looking to fit in with the style movement enacted by celebrities.

From Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift, they are all cashing in on the sexy boot look. Getting the right boot look for you is important. Your choice of boot will depend on your height and preferred finish look.

We have picked out four great over the knee height boots for you to check out. Each of these super boots have their own distinctive look and great for the fashion season ahead.

Wear with a midi skirt

Long dresses paired with tall boots are always a chic match. This also applies to midi skirts. A Midi with a cool front slit and a two-colour scheme can be matched with these Black Over The Knee Sock Boots from Next. Very great for that great smart casual day to night look.

Pair with oversized T-Shirt

If in doubt, match these synthetic leather Croc Knee High Boots from Boohoo with your oversized tee. These fully lined boots are super casual. Pair with a bright coloured shirt for the best finished effect.

Choose a skirt instead of shirt

Oversized knee high boots go great with a most skirt. You need to get the length of the boot and skirt just right. This allows you to show off all of your booties that will compliment your outfit.

If you adore tan and tope look, try these nude faux leather block heel over knee boots Missguided. Imagine a short light cream jacket and skirt paired with these boots. Formal to casual, all in one go.

Match with a comfortable knit

The over-the-knee boots are not just for date nights. They can be worn and enjoyed during the day as well! Pair these imitation suede boots from H&M with your black legging and a cream oversized knit and bingo. This is a super cool casual or evening look for any woman to be enjoyed.


Trending over the knee boots for 2019

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