How to get separated lashes when applying mascara

How to get separated lashes when applying mascara

How to get separated lashes when applying mascara. It doesn’t matter if you love volume or are looking for long lashes, we all want to avoid clumpy ones.

When applying your mascara, the goal is to accentuate your lashes and make them stand out.

If your makeup skills are mediocre or your lashes are clumping like crazy, read on for your tips on how to apply your mascara properly and how to care for your lashes.

Use the right technique

The reason behind your clumpy lashes may not be your application method but your product. Clumping may come from the excess product that gathers and dries on the mascara wand that comes in the tube. The old, dried mascara that is stuck to the wand will then become stuck to your lashes, coating them in clumpy product.

Make sure your brush is cleaned properly or used a second spoolie to comb through your lashes after applying a coat of mascara.

Remove excess product

In addition to having excess product on your brush, one of the biggest lash mistakes that people make when applying mascara is using too much product at once.

Make sure you take off any excess product and apply fresh mascara in thin layers to avoid clumping.

Use a lash primer

As well as finding a mascara formula that is right for you, it is also important to use a lash primer and conditioner.

When applying a lash primer, start at the base of your lashes and rock the spoolie back and forth while lifting upwards. Comb through several times, even after your lashes are visibly coated.

Use the same method for your mascara.

How to care for your eyelashes

Choose your mascara wisely. Not all mascara is created equal. Look for an everyday formula that is made from natural ingredients so as not to irritate your eyes. Try to avoid waterproof mascaras if you can. While they may last all day, they can be hard to remove without tugging at your eyes.

Remove mascara every time you use it. For the sake of your skin and lashes, remove your makeup. It’s important to clean your lashes and let them breathe. If you don’t remove your old mascara, it can get into your hair follicle and that is a very good way to get an infection.

Clean with care. In order to avoid tugging at your lashes and eye area, choose an oil-based cleanser to remove your mascara. This will break down the dirt and grime and leave your lashes clean without irritating your eyes.

If you’re dealing with stubborn makeup, there are eye makeup remover products out there.

Condition your lashes. In the same way you would apply mists, serums and moisturisers to your face, it’s important to give your lashes some love too. Eyelashes are hair and hair need to be conditioned to be healthy and strong.

An inexpensive way to condition your lashes is to use coconut oil. Massage a tiny amount into the tips of your lashes to help keep them healthy and strong.


How to get separated lashes when applying mascara

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