The spaghetti strap dress and ways to style it

The spaghetti strap dress and ways to style it

The spaghetti strap dress and ways to style it. The strappy slip dress is an elegant piece of fashion that says chic in so many ways. Its delicate design makes it perfect for both day and evening time styling.

Also known as noodle strap, it is a very thin shoulder strap that is used to support clothing. It provides minimal shoulder straps over otherwise naked shoulders.

In recent years they have become a popular choice of fashion wear with most of the leading celebrities at red carpet events.

From Rihanna to Selena Gomez, the spaghetti strap dress is a must for ladies looking to achieve that polished and chic fashion finish.

They come in so many different designs, shapes and colours that choosing the right dress for you can be difficult. We have come up with a few ways to style your spaghetti strap dress.

This number can be worn and enjoyed in so many different ways. We have picked out a few spaghetti dresses and ways you can wear them. All have their own unique look. Wear them for the occasion of your choice.

Keep your look casual

The simplest way to wear a spaghetti strap dress is by keeping it casual. Pair with a simple t-shirt underneath and ensure you keep your accessories to a minimum

Try the Grunge look

I you want to take a step over to the darker side, try the grunge look. You can match your black spaghetti dress with a studded clutch bag. Try adding a choker for that great finish.

Work Wear look

Elevate the look of your spaghetti strap dress to work mode. Try pairing with a smart tailored blazer or jacket. Complete this office look with a black pair of heels.

Stylish night-out look

Time to dig out those high heels and match it with your beautiful spaghetti slip dress. It’s a time to accessories so nice heels, neutral coloured winter coat and clutch bag please.

Glamour time

With party season on the horizon you need to start preparing for those big events. Think glamorous and it’s time for that perfectly fitting, floor length gown with a statement bracelet. Yes you will make Cinderella very jealous.

Whatever the occasion you choose, your spaghetti strapped dress should represent who you are. Make sure you always the fit right for the occasion at hand.

The spaghetti strap dress and ways to style it

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