How to apply liquid eyeshadow the right way

How to apply liquid eyeshadow the right way

How to apply liquid eyeshadow the right way. Liquid eyeshadow has revolutionised the makeup industry. One swipe of the fluid formula and you’re good to go, right?

Not quite. Liquid shadows can be a great and fun alternative to cream shadows. They are considerably less messy than powder shadows and tend to be less sticky than glossy eye makeup.

But how do you blend liquid shadows without taking any product off your lids? How do you prevent it from creasing?

We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks to help you apply liquid eyeshadow the right way.

Always use a primer

Unlike regular eyeshadow, there isn’t any fallout when you use a liquid one so you may be tempted to avoid using a primer. However, to ensure your eyeshadow stays put all day, lightly apply a thin layer of primer on your lids with a fluffy dome brush.

Urban Decay Primer Potion helps to avoid creasing while prepping your lids and will cover any redness or discolouration.

Avoid applying too much product at once

Nothing messes your liquid eyeshadow more than applying too much product at once. Apply a thin layer to test it out. You can always apply another layer to intensify a look. If you apply the product in layers, you’ll never apply too much or create a messy look.

It’s also important to remember to wait for the layer to dry before applying another one. Allowing the first layer to dry completely before going in with another will maximise the intensity of your look.

Don’t forget to blend

Most people assume that you don’t need to blend liquid eyeshadow the same way you blend a regular one because the consistencies are different. They are more similar than you think.

The best way to blend your liquid shadow is by using a fluffy blending brush. This allows you to diffuse the intensity of the shadow.

Use the right tools

It’s tempting to use your fingers to apply liquid eyeshadow, but the best tool is a fluffy brush. A round fluffy brush made from synthetic fibers is the best brush because you can use circular motions to apply the product smoothly to your lids.

Unlike animal hair products, synthetic hairs stay soft and are cruelty free.

If your liquid eyeshadow comes with a doe-foot applicator, you can use it to apply the pigment. The attached applicator will apply the most product, giving you the highest coverage payoff.

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How to apply liquid eyeshadow the right way

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