Easy ways to style your bralette

Easy ways to style your bralette

Easy ways to style your Bralette. The bralette is the go-to fashion piece for all young this season. From Taylor Hill to Kendal Jenner, every young hot celeb seems to be wearing them.

The cool thing about the bralette look is you can pair with anything. A bralette is both sexy and exciting.

For those of you who haven’t already been exposed to the bralette trend, you’re probably wondering, “What is a bralette, anyway?” The answer to this is complexed. Popular bralettes consist of lace, leather, satin, cotton or polyester.

The finest part about a bralette is that it duals as inner-wear and outerwear. Wear it on it’s own or without a bra. It can be worn as a type of mini crop top.

Its great look means it can be worn under a short tee, shirt or even a sweater. For those of you who bare to dare it is perfect layering piece worn under a jacket. In fairness the bralette is a little workhorse, and one you can easily absorbed into your wardrobe line-up.

Styling ideas for your bralette

For those of you who need some inspiration on how to get started with your bralette look, we have put a few ideas together for you. Here are some different ways to wear you bralette. Regardless of your shape or bra size, here are a few ways to get that great look from your bralette.

Peering out of your off the shoulder top

Some of you girls don’t feel comfortable wearing a strapless bra, step up the bralette. The bralette offers full support to the chest.

Gear up for the sheer look

A bralette is a great choice to wear under a sheer top. It covers the essentials and still leaves you with that majestic sexy look. Show some skin girl.

Under a jacket or blazer

A white or black bralette makes a sensational replacement for a shirt or top. Wear it under your jacket or blazer.

That sporty jumpsuit look

A sports inspired bralette can complement your sporty jumpsuit look. It allows you to reveal the amount of skin you want to show off.

The bralette and chunky cardigan combo

Oversized cardigans can be very sexy? Why not flaunt a lace underneath for all to see.

Lace and denim mix

A denim jacket offers that sexy yet casual look when paired with a lace bralette.

Replace as a crop top

Substitute your crop top for a bralette. Pair your bralette with trousers leggings or a skirt for that great finish.

A high-neck bralette offers a little coverage and a lot of style when peeking out of a V-neck sweater. Wear under a V-neck sweater and allow a little cleavage to show. It’s chic yet not too revealing.


Easy ways to style your bralette

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