Choosing the right off the shoulder top for you

Choosing the right off the shoulder top for you

Choosing the right off the shoulder top for you. Off-the-shoulder tops are a real proclamation piece of an outfit because they are so versatile. They can be worn with anything.

You can combine your off-the-shoulder top with jeans, leggings or skirt, depending on the occasion.

Wearers should always choose that to that compliments your figure. When choosing a top top make sure it comfortable and  flatter your figure.

Colours and designs are always important when deciding that right off-the-shoulder-top for you. It must fuse with other clothing to get your look just right. We have put together a fashion tips to help you get the right off-the-shoulder-top for you.

Get the fit right.

The length of your off-the-shoulder top should always coincide with your height. If you are a tall lady, adjust your height by choosing long tops. If you are on the smaller petite side, go for shorter off-the-shoulder tops. You can also tuck long tops into the front of your pants.

  • Longer designed tops can fall below the waist of your skirt or pants. They are allowed to cover your rear.
  • Shorter designed off-the-shoulder tops can take in the crop design. They should sit on or above the waist or your trouser or skirt.
Choose a style to compliment your figure

This can be tricky but is achievable. Fuller chested girls should choose tops that have that streamlined look and finish.

If you have wide shoulders or of a larger build, opt for that off-the-shoulder top that flows opposed to one that’s skin tight. A cold shoulder top is always a great great.

For smaller chested gals, choose the off-the-shoulder tops that compliments your curves. Make sure it clings more to your skin. However, do ensure your look is not absorbed in fabric. Be cautious when looking at tops with flow design.

Choose comfort

Some off-the-shoulder tops may be restrictive and not cater for great arm movement. This may cause the sleeves

moving around often causes the sleeves to rumple at the shoulders. If the top you choose is too tight, it won’t allow you to move your arms freely. This is no good when bopping on the dance floor.

Always choose a top that allows your arms to move about and that feels totally comfortable.

Protect your modesty

When choosing the perfect off-the-shoulder top, you must also consider the bra underneath. One of the biggest problems girls find with off-the-shoulder tops is that they restrict their bra options.

Make sure your strapless bra is the perfect fit. Every girl needs a bra that is inconspicuous but that offers support at the same time. If you don’t already own a strapless bra, look for one that offers comfortable.

Nude-colours are a great choice. They can be paired with almost anything. Every girl should be fitted for a strapless bra. Nothing should be left to chance.

Creating your look

We all know that the off-the-shoulder top is a great fashion piece. Choose a top that is suitable for different occasions. Shopping clever has it’s benefits.

Choosing a top that matches other items in your wardrobe means you can use it for various looks. This means you won’t have to buy a new top to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

It saves you money and makes you more fashion sustainable. Get a top you like with multiple uses that suit your different fashion looks.

The off-the-shoulder top is fun fashion and to be enjoyed. By following the above simple tips will help you choose the right top for you. We advise you always try on your top before purchase. Make sure it suits your look.


Choosing the right off the shoulder top for you

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