California is the first American state to ban fur

California is the first American state to ban fur

California is the first American state to ban fur. California in the US has become the first US state in American to ban the sale of animal fur products.

Governor, Gavin Newsom signed legislation last Friday that now makes it illegal to sell, donate or even manufacture new fur products for sale in the state.

The new bill which was commissioned by state lawmaker Laura Friedman, applies to all new clothing, handbags, shoes. This also goes for any products that are made from fur. Anyone found ignoring this law will be subject to hefty penalties and fines.

Items excluded from this ban include
  • Leather
  • cowhide and shearling
  • Fur products that are used for religious
  • fur lawfully taken with a hunting license.

The new law will come in to affect from the 1st January 2023

The Californian governor also introduced a number of other laws that are targeted at preventing animal cruelty.

One other piece of legislation sees the banning of animals in circuses. This includes putting a stop to using tigers and elephants.

Other laws will see the ban of trapping and hunting of bobcats. A new law has been enshrined to stop the killing of horses. It is also going to be illegal to sell different types of dead animals

PETA are delighted with the news

Leading animal rights charity, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have hailed this news. They released a statement claiming that this is a historic day for animals in California. They are delighted that this will bring an end to cruelty to animals performing in circuses.

Executive Vice President of PETA, Tracy Reiman said in a statement. “PETA is proud to have worked with compassionate legislators to push these lifesaving laws forward and looks to other states to follow California’s progressive lead.”

PETA are calling for more people to be more fashion sustainable with their clothing.


California is the first American state to ban fur

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