Our guide on wearing a pinstripe suit correctly

Our guide on wearing a pinstripe suit correctly

Our guide on wearing a pinstripe suit correctly. Typically seen on gangsters and musicians of the 1920s, the pinstripe suit is making a comeback in a big way.

The fashion ensemble made waves in Hollywood when actors like Cary Grant sported them in the 40s and has become an integral part of formalwear.

Read on to check out how you can rock your pinstripe suit in style.

When to wear it?

Pinstripe suits are traditionally seen in the workplace. If you’re bored of a monochrome suit, a pinstripe one is a great alternative outside of the office.

How to wear it?

Stylish a pinstripe suit can be tricky but looks great when you get it right. If you’re going to a semi-formal event, opt for a dark suit with a matching turtle neck, a fresh alternative to a dress shirt. A three-piece ensemble is best for a formal event but be sure to coordinate your colours. For days at the office, wear your suit with a button-down shirt and tie.

To truly pull of a pinstripe suit, it’s all about attitude.

Black Pinstripe Suit

It’s hard to go wrong with a black pinstripe suit. For a classic and sophisticated feel, pair yours with a white button-down shirt a charcoal or grey tie. If you want to switch things up, go with brown shoes and matching belt, adding a modern twist to a traditional design.

Navy Pinstripe Suit

A classic. Add some professional flair to a navy pinstripe suit with a button-down or tie or mix things up with a pair of sneakers, turtleneck and dress shirt. It’s best to stick with neutral hues such white, grey and other cool tones. Opt for a contrasting color like blood orange or mustard if you’re looking to make an impact.

Blue Pinstripe Suit

Why not brighten up a room by wearing a light blue pinstripe suit? Compliment the shade with a tie in a darker or lighter colour to create some depth. For a fresh combination, throw a salmon or hazel hint into the mix.

If you’re unsure of what to match with a light blue suit, take a look at the colour wheel.

Charcoal/Grey Pinstripe Suit

Grey and charcoal are an easy way to add some sophistication to any look, and they look great on any skin tone. Choose whatever shade you prefer but be sure to enhance the colour with a complimentary shade like purple and blue.

Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit

Why not take your pinstripe suit game up a notch by wearing something double breasted? This look is not for the faint-hearted but can look dashing if worn correctly. It looks great in dark shades such as black or navy but you can spice things up by wearing cream or white.

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Our guide on wearing a pinstripe suit correctly

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