Roll neck jumpers for Autumn 2019

Roll neck jumpers for Autumn 2019

Most Roll neck jumpers for Autumn 2019. As we head from Autumn to winter, extra layering is a priory for all men. Staying in tune with the current fashion trends of today is important.

Combining the two it can be sometimes be difficult. The troll neck jumper is a great solution for all fashionable fellas. The roll neck jumper is a cousin of the turtleneck which has a distinctive medieval love about it.

The roll neck was originally worn by knights as an undergarment to protect their body from the chains they wore over them. Fast forward to the sixties, it was a popular fashion choice for The Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger.

Made famous back in the 60’s 

Today, the roll neck is a fashionable choice for celebrities like Will Smith and Bradley Cooper. You can wear it as a stand-alone fashion item or under a suit or blazer.

Whatever way you choose to wear it is up to you. Here are a few rules to consider before choosing your roll neck jumper.

Get the material right

Most jumpers are designed to stretch in line with your body. This sometimes causes them to lose their shape. If you are a guy who loves the tight fit finish, make sure the material in your roll neck will hold it shape.

The last thing you can afford is that roll neck that looks like a blanket after a few washes. Cotton is a good choice as it’s a breathable material and contours with body movement.

Ensure it matches with your wardrobe

The roll neck can be worn as a formal or casual piece of fashion. It can be used as layering under a jacket.

With this in mind you need to make sure your choice of roll neck matches in with other items in your wardrobe. Pick colours that are neutral that won’t clash or look out of place when paired with your favourite clothing.

Now you have considered the above it’s time to look at three of the most popular roll neck jumpers that are trending this season. Each have their own unique look that are perfect for your chosen occasion.

It’s about choosing the right roll neck jumper to suit your taste and look

Brown Slim Fit Roll Neck Jumper from River Island

This roll neck from River Island is perfect for that smart day to night-time casual look. Knitted nylon and viscose fabric gives it that perfect slim fit finish. Available in three different shades tan, brown and green, there is one to suit your own style and look.

Merino Roll Neck Jumper from Superdry

This combat green roll neck from Superdry is fab. Its constructed using high quality merino wool. It is great for casual to smart fashion wear. Pair with sneakers and jeans

Jeff Banks – Burgundy Cotton Roll Neck Jumper from Debenhams Ireland

Designed for comfort, this 100% cotton roll neck jumper by Jeff Banks feels great on. It’s perfect for casual to smart and looks great paired with your leather jacket or blazer. Matched with jeans and trainers for great casual day fashion.. We love this one!


Roll neck jumpers for Autumn 2019

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