How to apply night cream the right way

How to apply night cream the right way

How to apply night cream the right way. The night-time is when your skin gets a chance to rest and repair itself from the wear and tear of the day.

This is the only time when your skin gets chance to rest and restore and regenerate skin cells. Your skin’s regeneration power is more potent at night while you sleep.

Skin renewal happens mostly at night with night creams providing the solution that helps support the repair process.

It is very essential to use a night cream that will repair the daily wear and tear caused to your skin throughout the day.

With the aid of right night cream, it can help replenish your skin and restore its elasticity. We have compiled some tips to help you get the best benefits from your night cream.

Skin preparation

It is vital to prepare your skin before you apply night cream. It is important you work on a clean base. Make sure you wash your face at night and apply a gentle cleanser to the skin.

Pre-hydrate your skin

Once you have washed your face, apply a hydrating toner. The use of a hydration toner is important. It is the key to achieving healthy and glowing skin. Natural toners like rose water provide best results. Apply your night cream to a misty face. This will lock the hydrating benefits from your rose water.

Heat up your night cream with your fingers

Rubbing your night cream into your facial pours using your fingers. Speed up the movement of the fingers to heat up the cream. Massage it deep into your skin. This allows for better results.

Apply essential oils

The use of essential oils are a great alternative that can also help improve the health of the skin. For those of you with dry and sensitive skin, try avocado oil, jojoba oil or vitamin e oil.

For oily skin you should consider tea tree oil. If you suffer from dry lines then we find a Vitamin C serum works best. Include these to your night cream which will boost its performance.

Get the timing right

It is important to let your skin absorb the cream. Always apply your night creams 15 minutes before going to bed for efficient results.

Learn the massage motion

The correct way to apply your night cream is to gently massage the cream into your skin. Spread your cream across your face and the neck area and gently massage in the upward direction and circular motions.

Use light weight creams that are free of fragrances

Using thick bodied creams may clog your skin pores. Make sure your cream is light in substance. Get a fragrance-free cream which is more natural and kinder to your skin.

How to apply night cream the right way

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